Okay. The other day I received "Boulevard of Broken Dreams, The Life, Times and Legend of James Dean" by Paul Alexander in the mail. I really did not want to have this book as part of my collection of James Dean memorabilia, because it supposedly takes the "was James Dean gay?" thing a bit over the edge. And you know how I feel about that!

But, I figured that, at the very least, I could get some new pictures of him that maybe I didn't have. I was not counting on the one I found while flipping through the book. It appears on page 284. My jaw hit the floor as I found myself staring at a fuzzy, somewhat out-of-focus photo of (supposedly) a young James Dean in the branches of a tree, STARK NAKED (!!!) and holding his erect penis!!! I was (and still am) dumbstruck!

Now, I had heard that this photo was floating around out there somewhere, but I was completely unprepared to find it staring back at me from the pages of a book I now owned.

I quickly flipped to the credits at the back of the book to see who had provided the author with this photo, because I had read on other websites that it was in an art gallery for about a minute before someone thought it was in poor taste and had it removed. Since that time no one had seen it or knew what became of it. So how did it come to be in Paul Alexander's book? Curiously(?), there was no photographer credit for this particular photo. Alexander says that it was a still from a pornographic movie Jimmy appeared in before he became famous.

In any case, I have found myself looking at the photo (a lot), trying to figure out if it is real or the product of someone's cut-and-paste handiwork. But, as I have said before, it doesn't really matter what he did.

If you would like to see for yourself, just copy and paste this address into your address bar: