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Review by irena83 posted over a year ago
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(Talking about himself and his music before Metallica)
James Hetfield: I was in a band called Obsession. And then there was another band called Leather Charm. Then I met Lars.

(Talking about his drinking)
James Hetfield: If I'm hung over, I'd rather just stand on the side and play. We wanted to get a frontman but no one sang good enough so I just did both.

(Talking about his years in High School)
James Hetfield: Back then (in highschool) you'd look under the music section of The Recycler for heavy metal, and there's like two people. The same people every f*ckin week into 'sex and Motorhead.

(On first jam with Lars)
James Hetfield: He had a f*cked up, hella f*ckin cheap Gemco kit or whatever. We told him, 'Yeah, we'll give you a call,' and we never even called him back.

(In reference to TBA)
James Hetfield: Economy my ass! That was the most expensive record we've ever made.
James Hetfield: I'm married to Metallica.