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concert in Mexico City.

present for his birthday at meet and greet in Mexico City

James Hetfield talks about going to Mexico

Interview - Mexico 2012

James "Tiger Man" Hetfield

Mexico City 2012 Hetfield's birthday

James Hetfield asks fans questions

Funny Moment between James Hetfield & his Indian Fan

James Hetfield singing Judas Kiss

Metallica - James and Jason

Funny Metallica Moments #6 (Metal Up Your Ass!)

James Hetfield's laughter part 2 (original)

Don't Tread on Me - James outro

James look at me :)

Sad But True Warsaw, Poland 10.05.12

Dressing Room - Seattle

Metallica-Funny James Hetfield Moment [2000] RARE

(Metallica) James Hetfield hanging out with Slayer (big 4 moment in Sofia)

James Hetfield through years

Unseen James Hetfield

James Hetfield - God That Failed Interview

Talking about "Enter Sandman" [Live Gothenburg July 03, 2011]

James Hetfield - Interview Before the Show at Rock In Rio - 25 Sep 2011

In a Swimming Pool

In a Bird Costume



cyanide riff, singing, & talking

James and Jason interview

James & Kirk (Australia)

James Hetfield Kirk Hammett part 1

Live shit: Binge & Purge San Diego 1992 Intro

Interview with James Hetfield from Metallica (part 1)

James Hetfield (Metallica) interview 1993 - Portugal

James Hetfield Soloing(That Was Just Your Life&Fight Fire With Fire)

Lars Ulrich and James hetfield

-A Day In The Life Of James Hetfield

Interview (Fresno 96)

Hetfield/Newsted Much Music interview

James Hetfield Interview Part 1

Metallica (James Hetfield) - The God That Failed [Interview]

James Hetfield Interview

james grosses out bob rock when he farts

Interview with James Hetfield on his tattoos

Interview Australia Nov 2010



EMG James Hetfield Interview Part 1

The Orion Custom Car + Motorcycle Show

james sings symphony of destruction

james hetfield's accident {fade to black live 1992}

the change in james hetfield's voice

james hetfield's sexy insane scream

james interview 1996

james hetfield talks about the muse backstage

cute james hetfield

james singing the unforgiven III

james singing the day that never comes

james playing that was just your life

james singing & riffing my apocalypse

james playing suicide & redemption solo

james hetfield talks about the death of cliff

james hetfield how he's changed

james hetfield interview 1984

james hetfield interview {budapest}

funny james hetfield

Queen and James Hetfield (Metallica) - Stone Cold Crazy

James Hetfield and Jim "Fatso" Martin About Cliff Burton

james hetfield "wah, wah" effect

james hetfield dances to judas kiss

James Hetfield in electric chair.

James Hetfield arm wrestling.

James Hetfield's laughter.

James Hetfield oyster incident.

james hetfield reading axl's rose's rules

James Hetfield burst out laughing

Metallica - No Leaf Clover S&M (Only James)

james hetfield playing kickass judas kiss riff

James Hetfield's B-E-A-utiful Voice

James Hetfield funny moment

James Moments

Metallica Vocal Secrets of James

All nightmare long

Battery Live

Music Awards 2000 (James looks hottttttttttt)

Clear version of Only happy when it rains

James - Only happy when it rains (Garbage cover!)

James singing German Soup

Meet Me In The Het Room

James Hetfield & Metallica - The Riff Montage

James Hetfield

James Hetfield - Solo's of James Hetfield

Lars Ulrich And James Hetfield Drum Battle

James Hetfield - Dont You Think This Outlaw Bit Has Done Got

All About James Hetfield

James Hetfield Moments

James Hetfield Interview