James&i left the hospital&got back in his car with him driving.*he looked at me slowly with the corner of his eye quick&cute,i did the same,he did it again,i did it again&grinned,he did it again&smiled,it went on&on faster&faster until eventually,i laughed* James:finally,u'r starting 2 feel better*he said as he smiled,looked in2 my eyes,&leaned in 4 a kiss,he kissed me slowly&heard a car horn* WATCH WHERE U'R GOING,ASSHOLE!*an angry person said as he drove past us,James quickly turned back&kept his eyes on the road,i started 2 laugh my head off,he took my hand with his right hand&smiled,his smile was a lot different than ever b4,it was wider* Me:where did that smile come fr?!? James:what do u mean?!? Me:ur smile's wider*i smiled* James:oh... *he said smiling wide again&blushing* I guess it's bcuz i'm with someone that makes me happy&who I truly love.*i just sat there...smiling like an idiot...* Me:did u ever smile like that around ur ex gfs in ths past?!? James:no. *i smiled* Me:so... wut u'r saying is that the way u love me is stronger than the way u love everyone else?!?*he smiled,i did too* James:well,the answer 2 tht question is....drum roll please!*he started beating on the car as I laughed* YES! *i smiled* I love ur smile!*he pinched my cheek*,looks like we're home!*he got out&opened my door 4 me while checking me out fr behind as I walked* James:u'r so damn sexy! Me:right back at ya*i winked,he chuckled as he opened his house door with his keys* James:after u! *i curseyed* James:baby,can we talk?!? Me:sure James:lets go in my room,the guys will be here any second now *he followed me in2 his room&we sat down* Me:so... Is this about me being pregnant?!? James:yes,baby,it is... Me:ok... Go ahead! James:ok,ummm.. U'r going 2 have 2 move in with me,we'll share my room.*he said with a smile,i smiled back.* Me:but where will I put all my stuff?!?u have tons of clothes so u'r closet is full&u'r dresser. James:well,we can use ur dresser&if u need more room u can use this part of my dresser that has some room,but I doubt u'll need more room.*he said,staring at my stomach,it didn't even look like I was pregnant since it was only my 2nd day,he laughed,i knew why...* Me:ok,&this is going 2 happen when?!? James:i'll work on it 2morrow,b4 I go 2 work,u can stay here 2night. Me:alright,but i'll probaly be gone,bcuz I have 2 go tell my manager about all this. James:i'm sry.something will work out.*i sighed,he rubbed my back* don't worry,i know it will. Me:ok *he leaned&kissed me passionately&romanticly&leaned me back a bit as we made out,but not all the way,bcuz,u know,THE BABY?!?i heard footsteps in the living room,James broke the make out* James:the guys are here Me:do they know?!? James:yeah,i called them when I was in the bathroom at the hospital. Me:oh... *I looked at the ground,he kissed me 1 more time,we got up,he offered me his hand,i grinned,&took it,we went 2 the living room* James:hey,guys! Me:hi. Kendall:hey*he grinned* Carlos:WAZZZZZZZZZAAAA?!?*everyone laughed* Logan:hey*he said,glancing at my boobs... I pulled my shirt up* Logan:*he bit his lip* sry... *James snapped his fingers at him fastly like a diva,i tried sooo hard not 2 laugh,but I cracked XD* James:GET UR EYES OFF MY GIRLFRIEND'S BOOBIES!*everyone laughed,except Logan* Logan:i'm sry-im-im so sry *he said like he was gna burst in tears,he ran outside on 2 James' porch,i ran after him,but James stopped me by putting his hand on my chest* James:he'll be ok. Me:wut's wrong with Logie?!? Kendall:i promise we have no idea,he was fine until now... Carlos:*tapped Kendall's arm&whispered 2 him* yeah,but,he still...he still does.*he said with a depressed look on his face,James&i looked at each other with our jaw dropped in surprise wondering wut the hell they were talking about* Me:ummm,something wrong?!? Kendall:yes,but u really don't wanna know. *Kendall said,looking at me then at the ground&gulped,&whispered 2 Carlos* I c why! Carlos:*whispered back 2 Kendall* I know,but we can't do this 2 James,it'll break his heart&cause drama.*Kendall sighed*