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don't adaptations miss the point; Jane Austen was scathingly critical of women in her time...

We are taking a play to Edinburgh Festival this August that's basically a series of Jane Austen's words said through various women. Some famouse, some not and some from her juvenilia.

Why? Because Jane Austen defined a whole era of women, class and politics. Screenplays simplify things down to black/white/romance - but actually when you look at her writing, Jane Austen's women are far more complex, flawed and difficult than any screen adaptation has ever made them to be.

We'll be at Edinburgh in August at the Assembly Rooms on George Street. It's called AUSTEN'S WOMEN.
 faniam posted over a year ago
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Jane Austen Answers

dorrit said:
Jane Austen describes the economic reality behind the comfortable upperclass life of her era. Money problems showed people up as they really were. Women had a tough time and were very insecure.
The romantic aspects of the novels are unconvincing. Happy endings were a requirement that did not fool anyone.
Jane Austen was against the establishment but needed to be cautious.
You are right, adaptions do miss the point.

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posted over a year ago 
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