Okay, so first off: these are all my opinions.
And I just HAD to write about it ;D

So I basically want to give you guys my opinions on the show in general, whether I think Grey is Jane's mother or not, and the future of Billy and Jane's 'relationship'.

The show:
I've never been a huge teen-tv-shows watcher. I basically just avoided abc family, and all their teen shows. But this show caught me by surprise.
I like how it's all about fashion, HS (high school), and the fact that Jane's boss (Grey) thinks she is an adult.
It's addicting to watch, and I just had to watch the first two episodes a second time!

Is Grey Jane's mom?
It's possible.
They both have curly black hair, and I'm sure the writers have thought of this.
I'm sure it is the case.
Am I okay with it? Sure.
Are others? I've seen some comments where some are absolutely hating the idea. *shrugs*

Jane and Billy:
First off, I love the idea that a guy and a girl can be best friends. So I'm totally cool with the idea of them staying friends.
I absolutely love the idea of a girl and a guy, who were first friends, begin dating.
I think adding love sparks between Billy and Jane can add some to the show. No, I don't expect them to do it right away. Well, at least not until second season (if there will be a 2nd one).
But I'm fairly sure Billy likes Jane, and he just doesn't realize. Whereas Jane, well she's busy worrying about her job, and HS stuff.

Anyway, I once again have to say, I LOVE THIS SHOW! And I hope the ratings just get higher and higher, and this show will go on for say....
5 - 7 seasons :)

Let me know what you think!
Comment bellow! ;)