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New here, nice to meet you all  Wildbluerose 0 1709 over a year ago
Jared "Quote" Game  Doodlebug81 490 17785 over a year ago
Jared 20in20 Icon Challenge [CLOSED CONTEST]  twilighter4evr 93 9394 over a year ago
Jared Picture Hunt Game  shomill 75 24315 over a year ago
need some help surprising my girlfriend  danstine 0 2395 over a year ago
Those puppy dog eyes!  JinanaLove319 0 2317 over a year ago
Countdown to 5000 fans!  shomill 18 2492 over a year ago
Post your favorite video of Jared:D  Soussanah 0 2382 over a year ago
Jared's face in the fire ring  Soussanah 2 3992 over a year ago
love him to much!!!!  lovetolovejared 3 1773 over a year ago
I LOVE YOUR NOSE !!  ema_candy 19 6446 over a year ago
jared  jiha_jared95 9 2036 over a year ago
Jared sunshine you've got a beautiful smile  sarahshiner 9 6213 over a year ago
house of wax  marglo 9 3622 over a year ago
What's your favourite?  SamWlove 11 1474 over a year ago
Jared By-the-letter Game  shomill 35 4931 over a year ago
Jared fact game (sounds gay but give it a shot =)  SamWlove 8 1474 over a year ago
Jared's killing green eyes.  katie_ketusia 9 3283 over a year ago
I know this'll sound pretty wierd, but...  shomill 14 6844 over a year ago
Special Nicknames for Our Special Hotboy  shomill 1 2227 over a year ago
Supernatural  hellyeahcj 7 1672 over a year ago
OFFICIAL WEDDING PICS RELEASED ALBUM!!  wherearetheynoe 0 2813 over a year ago
thus he was born  lovetolovejared 5 1481 over a year ago
Jared fans!need your help  baby_angel 1 1290 over a year ago
HAPPY 27TH BIRTHDAY JARED PADALECKI !!  cassie100 6 3348 over a year ago