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Opinion by juicyjossy9 posted over a year ago
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Jason’s blog posted
On January 16th, 2011
At 1:42 PM

Lizards. The favorite snack of my cat. I’m tempted to upload a video of him eating all but the tiny toxic bit, what I make up must be a lizard large intestine. It’s anything but large – these lizards aren’t dinosaurs, they’re the garden variety. 6, 8 inches max.

The January weather has come back around to the way I love it so in San Diego. Our equivalent to winter is wetness and that seems to have all dried up. Warmth becomes us and the lizards emerge to the concrete surfaces, lifting their heads high, gazing directly into the blinding glow of their sun God.

The lizard scene on my patio would probably look like the buffet variety at The Souplantation to my cat, but he is no where to be found. The lizards are smug if not smiling.

In early December, my feline friend who goes by the single syllable name of Holmes (which I read later is not a wise choice in naming a pet - Grouping two syllables like Rover or Peanut is easier for an animal to distinguish when they are called or spoken to, especially between other commands we...
Opinion by juicyjossy9 posted over a year ago
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Jason’s blog posted on
January 11, 2011 at
At 4:18 Pm

A sign posted on a door for hotel staff had been defaced and now read, "Hot__ Associates Only." This kind of human behavior and fondling of letters inspires me. Upon seeing it, I am moved to fetch me lady and me camera and have her pose as if she's entering the special room. Whatever might go on in a room reserved for hot associates only, I hope there's lots of oil and a communal lathering.

By the time I get to my room to get the camera I've completely forgotten about the task. I could blame it on where my mind had wandered - but this always happens. I walk into a room and forget what I went in there for. Maybe I'm so over the past and so in the moment that freshness finds me around every corner. Or it's a classic case of short term memory loss brought on by too many hours gazing directly into the sun or it's equally impressive reflection in the water. What was I writing about?
Opinion by juicyjossy9 posted over a year ago
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Jason and Toca - January 2001
Jason’s blog posted
On January 7th, 2011
On 7:36 p.m.

Tonight I host Mr. Toca Rivera for dinner and a rehearsal of new songs. It’s hard to believe he and I have been together for more than 10 years now. Looking back at the last decade I've so much to be thankful for, his friendship included. Rather than making this blog a stroll down memory lane, I’ll stay present and list a decade’s worth of Gratitude (what I can remember of it anyway) in 90 seconds. Go.

I am grateful for:

a community of dreamers
java joe
the power of possibility and all my teachers
my totally rad parents
raw food
malleable bodies
malleable reality
the physics of surf
the logic of maybe
the mu phenomenon
my best friend and fiancé
the friends who supported me
the friends i support
burning man
cafe gratitude and the huge community it supports