I am a biggest Jay Z fan ever lived but in the dark about it trying to come into the light. Jay Z is not only beautiful in looks but straight talented I think his career would be even better if people stop acting like they made him.I think he should have more confident in his talents as there are many haters.I always prayed for him and still do.I read the decoded book and what I seen was him in pain from Lucifer attack's and him Jay Z being released with souls from the devil we all sometimes go away like most sheep and they to can be saved if they choose and still be famous wealthy and Rich in my book he is free from the devil and its attacks.He is a married man with a child .smh wish I was the one he married lol..silent fan talking ..lol but my encouragement to a very talented person understand your talented beautiful sexy etc bit most of all a musician may all your dreams come true may the lord bless you free as prayed away from pain and devil work for God made you talented to shine and I pray you continue to in Jesus name..JayZ (Jesus Apleh You in Zest).. So god wants you free from the devil pain into his wealth FAM and glory your blamess in his eyes.