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Article by jedigal1990 posted over a year ago
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hello to all my wonderful friends okay i already made the announcement that i am indeed back but jeff asked me to post it on my spot as well so i will so you all know i am back.
I am super sorry for leaving without any notice i realize (as some of you told me) you guys were worried and i apologize but my internet was disconnected and i had to wait to find a new company i missed you all so much and all your sweet comments wishing me back and welcoming me really made me smile. I want to say how special you made me feel i felt so loved when i saw them and know i have no doubt how many wonderful friends i have on here
please know that i missed you all so much as well and i'm super happy to be back again i was going crazy with no fanpop but it was unavoidable well can't wait to talk to you all again bye for now wonderful friends
Opinion by jedigal1990 posted over a year ago
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hey this one is to all my wonderful friends on here i want to wish you all a very happy thanksgiving and i want to let you all know how much you guys mean to me one of the main things i am thankful for is for finding this site and finding friends like you
I am so thankful to have friends who understand me and love me for who i am.
Friends who will talk me through anything and would never turn their back on me even after seeing me at my worst
friends who i know really care about me and friends i really care about
friends that can make me laugh and smile even though i'm on the verge of tears
you guys are truly special and i look foward to coming on here all the time to chat with you guys or read some new stories/poems (amazing stories and poems that is) i know anytime i feel down or upset all i have to do is come on here and my bad feelings start to melt away
sure we sometimes have rough times but what friendship doesn't whats important is that we can get through it together and come out stronger than we were before
Opinion by jedigal1990 posted over a year ago
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okay i really need to get things off my chest because i'm about to go absolutly crazy i'm seriously at the point of a breakdown so this is what i need to say i'm just sick of it
-I'm sick of this whole fight between me and animefan
-sick of animefan calling me a bully and putting this whole thing on me
- sick of jeff bugging us and telling us how mad he is at us and how immature we are for fighting like we are really doing it on purpose
-sick of everyone thinking i'm a mean horrible person because of whats going on with me and animefan
some other serious issues i'm sick of
- i'm sick of not knowing where i'm going in life
-for those of you who don't know i graduated highschool and went to college for a while but for the past two semesters i have not been going and i don't know how to get myself back on track i don't know where my life is going and it scares and worries me alot
- i'm sick of being shy where i can't handle alot of things on my own sure its gotten better i just wish i had more confidence like i do online in real life i'm so scared of what people think of me and i hate that