hey everyone. Well its been 2 years since i joined fanpop. I joined the pop on april 26,2009 and well now its not as fun as it used to be. that will be explained later so well enjoy and i will try to be on the pop more often. I'm sorry if some things are wrong cause I'm tired right now lol.

Why I'm not on fanpop as often anymore
Well in August 2010 I moved to Prescott, Arizona and created a facebook account so after that I've been on the pop less and less and less. Every time i try to make fanpop "comebacks" I normally leave again but now I'm trying to get on more but well there is no one to talk to now so yeah. In late February 2011, I moved to Tucson, Arizona when for the first time in almost 2 years, my mom finally got a job so I'm happy. Well at least i noticed that I've been on fanpop for exactly 2 years so I hope u guys will like that. Well my normal fanpop friends (jedigal1990, animefan66, and demon_wolf) hardly get on fanpop anymore, like me, but I have made cool new fanpop buds (like Padme_Skywalker). Well I got a PS3 and I got lego star wars 3 the clone wars and that game is awesome. All clone wars fans should get that game. Well anyways its another of those rounds where I tell u all the stats about the fanpop contributions like last year so enjoy! that is a lot of words lol
total picks answered: 9466 (almost 10000 picks)
total picks from april 2010 to april 2011: 2461 (yeah thats not a lot lol)
total picks made: 211
picks made from april 10 to now: 35
total clubs joined: 317
clubs joined april 10 to now: 62
total comments: 2047
comments from april 10 to now: 456
total pop quiz questions created: 53
pop quiz q's from april 10 to now: 25
total articles created: 27
articles created from april 10 to now: 18

Here are some new stats that werent in last year's article
total forum posts: 183
contributed images: 36
contributed links: 27
total picks on the random spot: 4336
contributed videos: 47
requested answers: 12
given answers: 65
total fans: 324

here is the link to the article commemorating my first year of fanpop link

the first part of my star wars fan fiction series: link

newest spot i made: link

game informer online account: link

if u wanna play against me on playstationnetwork i play modern warfare 2 under xx_admiral0_xx
nascar the game 2011: jifw52

Well I hope to talk to u guys soon. Well goodbye!!