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posted by DemiJones
This is made up. It doesn't have dates or a timeline, they are just random thoughts. Sorry they end off so suddenly but I ran out of ideas. Please feel free to add some more twitters in your comments.

Ok so I am like so freaking happy right now. It is not everyday that a girl married her Prince Charming.;)

Mrs Demi Jonas. Mr and Mrs Joe Jonas. Sorry just practicing. :)

Feels like a dream but please don't pinch me or I might wake up and then seriously be mad at whoever woke me up.

This is a day I wished would never end and would go on forever.

My checks hurt from all the smiling I have been doing today but does it look like I care? Nope, I can't help but smile.

Snuggling up with my big, lovable, cuddly teddy bear (Joe is going to kill me for comparing him to a teddy bear).

Who needs to go to dreamland each night, I am living it everyday.

Dancing to the radio, talking until 2 am, going for dips in the pool only to end in water fight then a pillow fight ending in a tickle fight, ordering room service to watch "Old Dogs" on tv only to have a cat nap through the entire thing- yup just a typical honeymoon to me ;).

Man is sharing a bed with someone else different, I mean you have to remember not to hog the covers or roll onto them, though I don't think my hubby would mind ;).

Ok so I saw the jealous side of my guy today when a guy flirted with me at the airport and before I could say "stop" Joe gave him the "mean eyes". My hero (insert long smooch)

Hate to be mean but "Ha I got Joe Jonas", well maybe I enjoy it a bit ;)

Today is moving day and it is filled with packing, driving, lugging and unpacking but good thing there are a lot of our family and friends to help us though our bodies might fight us tomorrow.

Wouldn't you know it, just as Joe and I were trying to make our home "homey", we have to go on tour. I will miss you baby. :(.

My phone minutes are diminishing daily from all the calls and texts my guy and I have been exchanging but it is so worth it.

The only thing that is keeping me from sane is imagining my hubby as an obsessed fan screaming like a girl and jumping up and down at my concerts, sorry baby, or doing something that only my clown would do.

Ya my four month tour is over, I can't wait to be one of those wives who run through the airport to jump into my love's arms to hug and kiss him and never let him go. I am coming for you baby.

Is it wrong to imagine that every love song that the JoBros sing is being sung to me?

One year later.

Ok so either the stress of filming "Sonny", producing my newest cd and trying to have a life is causing me to lose my meals each day, be Sleeping Beauty all the time and always being hungry or something bigger and possibly cuter is up

I am in the good and tender care of Doctor Joe right now.

I took a test that I am praying, wishing and hoping I pass.

Got to get my creative juices flowing in order to tell Joe the big news in a creative way but no pressure.

Ok so my hubby is dense, good thing he is so darn gorgeous, as it took him a whole lot of clues to guess the puzzle I was giving him. But he was over the moon when he figured it out.

I feel like a have a huge secret that only people we love have the inside track to.

This is one time in my life where I actually want people to say that I have gained weight, that means I am doing my job right. Ohh I sense a shopping spree.

I hope and pray that all mommies to be have such a devoted, loving, sensitive, caring, involved daddy to be as I do. Mine is so involved besides actually carrying the munchkin himself.

I have never loved anyone so much who I have met through pictures.

This child is going to be surrounded by love so he\she better get used to it.

Should put a sign up saying "Don't Touch or Face a Mother's Wrath"

Ok so wouldn't recommend a handful of mini eggs each day along with a cinnamon raisin bagel with processed cheese, hmm those sound yummy, excuse me.

If I hear; "OMG you are so young or You do know how to prevent this from happening right?" even once I might hash out some scaracism.

I think this child will come out singing instead of crying.

I might look silly talking to thin air people but I am talking to my unborn child, do you mind?

Had the best moment of my life today, I was kicked by a the littlest angel saying "hello"

No matter what my hubby says we aren't naming this child "Sonny"," Joe jr" or even "Jemi", keep thinking dude.

Ok so feeling very achy, tired, big and clumsy, really need a back rub, warm bubble bath and some cuddles from my favourite guy.

Getting down to crunch time and feeling an assortment of emotions but mostly excited.

Welcome to the World: Miss Elizabeth Anne Jonas, all 5 pounds 6 ounces of her. Mommy, Daddy and baby are doing wonderful
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"I know that you know what I am Demi," a mysterious said.He mumbled something under his breath.I suddenly knew that it was Joe."I don't know what your talking about," I said knowing that he probably knew that I was lieing."I know that your lieing.Tell the truth and I won't hurt you,"he said showing his amazing fangs that glew a pretty white in the dark.I was hypnotized by his beautiful fangs.I ouickly snapped out of the phase."Fine..OK!!I know your stupid secert,"I yelled at him fiercly.He looked at me suprised that I actually yelled at someone."Well,what am I," he asked with a little smirk...
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Being my curios self I followed the mysterious shadow.I followed the shadow to a shed.The shadow went inside.I slowly peeked inside the shed to see Joe sucking a girl's neck.When he pulled away I saw a stream of blood down the side of his mouth.I looked at the girl to that she was alive,but she was unconsisnce.I gased ver silently and ran back to the house.As soon as I reached the house I went to my room.When I got to my room I thought about what had happened.I only had one thought on what this family:


I woke up to Mrs.Jonas saying"Demi it's time for breakfast."I...
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"I'm Joe Jonas," the boy said in a very rude voice."Okay,Demi since you know the kids alittle better why don't you let Joseph take you to your room,"Mrs. Jonas said."Okay," I replyed because I didn't want to get on her bad side already by saying that I didn't want to let Joe show me to my room."Joseph, like I said show Demi to her room," she said.The boy whose name was Joe motioned for me to follow him.We went into a red and black decorated room.All of the sudden Mrs.Jonas and her kids popped into the room."Your mom told your favorite colors were red and black.I hope yoy like it," she said."It's...
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This is too funny and cute.
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