next morning i didnt want to go to school,but it was better as to stay here at home.
i took a shower and rushed downstairs glad to see nobody in the kitchen just only a message wrote on a piece of paper which was on the table i read it.
" doctors just be dont make any plans we have to say you something else. mom and dad " what eles? they just told me that my father will die..! i decieded to walk to school. i was on my locker and was about to walk to my first class but someone pushed me into a empty room.

"what the hell?!" i looked at the person i just stared at him.
"whats wrong demi?" - " so joe jonas called me by my real name and this after years?" he didnt say anything i knew it. i made my way to the door and tried to opened it but he stopped me. " let me go jerk" i said
"demi just tell me whats wrong with you! and then i will let you go." he said lookin'at me. " why should i tell you? you are only a selfish jerk who dont care about other. you are nothinq for me anymore joe!" i yelled at him. he was hurt but i couldnt believe his look anymore. he wasnt the old joe he let go from me and i walked out.

after my first class i saw selena walkin'to me i tried to put a fake smile on but it didnt work.
"demi whats wronq? you look like you had cried. gosh was it fake barbie or was it wanna be ken. if its so i will --" i interuped her i know she talked about joe and taylor. "i just have headache.." she looked at me.
"demi listen, your eyes..are so red that you cried a lot..for hours maybe..and the only reason you would cry is fuckin fake barbie and wanna be ken,so tell me the truth!"
" selena..its only a headache really..dont worry about me" i tried to smile and hugged her "i love you see you at lunch" with that i walked away to my next class. today no drama it was strange.. i wouldnt even care if they would have picked on me anymore.. my dad was dying and this was the only thing that i will care about right now.

hu tell me how bad it was - :)