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Opinion by jonash12341 posted over a year ago
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The first thought that hit me and made me awake from my upside down world I was floating in was the thought of Nick.
How would he manage without me? Would he even notice? Would he go looking around for something and get drawn in or be put into danger by the gang? All these questions plus more floated around in my mind but as I cleared my head and took one second to take notice of my surroundings; I wished that I could return to my universe.
Pain, horrible pain struck me out of nowhere but in return quickly dispersed all over my body like a hive of angry bees; stupid annoying angry bees.
I was jacked up in the front seat of a moving car. My head leant against the hard window and my left leg on the chair seat. My hands which were still bounded by the handcuffs, were sore and in little comparison to the feeling of the rest of my body. Burning; the everlasting flames engulfing me. I doubt death would be worse than this.
“My body...” I whispered as my brain did a loopy dance making me feel dizzy.
Article by jonash12341 posted over a year ago
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"Death sentence?"I choked out.

Today was the day. The day of my life. The day I say goodbye to this hell hole and all people in it. The ending of my life.
"You have a visitor" the guard said before leading me to a different cell.
There was a girl with long brown hair in a white coat, black leggings pants and boots with dark sunglasses covering her eyes. My face turned grimace when I recognized who it was.
"I'm not so happy to see you either"
"What are you going here Selena?"
"Good you know who I am; saves valuable time in introductions. My reason here is simple just tell me where you're holding my best friend and maybe you wouldn't be doomed to this fate"
"Best friend? " I scoffed.
"Just tell me" she said taking off her sunglasses so I could see her murderous glare.
"I'll tell you this," I said pushing myself up from the table looking straight into her frightened eyes, "Your apart of the reason why she's gone. You and your whole palace entourage including her witch of a mother. You guys owned her life and pushed her to the point of breaking down. She could barely stand on her two feet anymore so she left a thing...
Opinion by Hot_n_cold posted over a year ago
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Even though reps deny any fighting between Ashley and Demi, a new report says otherwise!

Remember how the reps were adamant that it was all sunshine and roses between Demi Lovato and Ashley Greene when the Disney starlet was sent to rehab? And remember how you really didn’t really believe it? Yeah, neither did we. And according to a new story, Demi took her anger toward Ashley online…

X17online is reporting that when Demi, 18, found out her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas and Ashley were going to take their new couple status on tour, she sent a “very nasty e-mail” to the 23-year-old Twilight star. In the e-mail, Demi blasted Ashley for “stealing her boyfriend and parading around with him on tour.”

Ashley, of course responded, and according to their source, all she did was reply with a picture of her and Joe, asking Demi to leave the couple alone. That was apparently only the beginning of the catfights between the girls, and they continued to butt heads throughout the tour — at which point, Demi had her meltdown and entered a treatment facility.