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Crazy Love ♥ J2 & their wives (Gen, Danneel)

Jensen Ackles | Happy Birthday (:

Jensen Ackles//Happy birthday Ernesta[collab part]

Multimale | Inject me, baby

¢σℓℓαв ραят ♫ Jensen Ackles & BSB

Punkb*tch | Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles ❝girl I was just born a player❞ (800+)

The Boy Likes Them Both (J2)

jensen ackles - glow

You're on my heart | Jensen;Jared;Misha

Jensen Ackles - Dean Winchester | Wonderland

Jensen Ackles - Renaissance festival

Introducing the 20th episode, "What Is and What Should Never Be" // Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles! #31 years of Romeu

Jensen Ackles Jus in bello 2 (salute/saluto)

Jensen/Jared/Misha Coming Home TV Guid

108- How it was for Dean having sex with an angel and for Jensen

Jensen Ackles | Let me think about it

J2 Here it goes again

Jared & Jensen { S U P E R N A T U R A L }

Jensen Ackles | Na na na na Come on ♪♫

Misha and Jensen faking orgasm

JIB 2011 SPN Jensen Ackles

Britney Spears - (Drop Dead) Beautiful (Jensen Ackles)

Jensen Ackles - I Wanna Go

J2 • I've got my angel now

~Jensen Ackles | Sunglasses at Night

Jensen Ackles- Dynamite

Jensen Ackles(Speed Drawing) - By Argatu

Dean winchester//Jensen ackles

JIBCON J2 panel

JIBCON Jensen panel

Supernatural - Jensen Ackles - Messages From Beyond

Supernatural Season 6: Behind the scenes with Jensen Ackles

JIB 2 Rome - Jensen & Misha

Supernatural! Fan Favorites Awards 2011! Jensen Ackles! Jared Padalecki! TV Guide Magazine!

TV Guide Fan's Favorites Awards - Supernatural

Introducing the 9th episode, "The Spirit of Vegas" // Jensen Ackles

Introducing the 8th episode, "Everlasting Love" // Jensen Ackles

Introducing the 4th episode, "Ghost on the Highway"

Introducing the 14th episode, "Reunion" // Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles & Misha Collins panel @ jibcon

TV Guide - Jensen wins "Fan Favourite Actor"

J2 panel @ jibcon

Jus in Bello con 2 - Jensen & Misha panel - when harry met sally re-enactment HD *FULL*

Jibcon: Misha asks J2 a question

jus in bello con 2 - jensen ackles - son of a bitch

JIBCON - When Harry Met Sally Reenactment - Jensen/Misha

Jensen - Jus in bello 2 - 2011

J2 - Season of Love