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"Jus In Bello" The Last Panel with all the actors!

Jensen & Jason "Slow or Fast Happy Songs" at JIB Con

Jensen & Jared at JIB Con #3

Jensen & Jared at JIB Con #2

Jensen - Work To Do In Italy + thank you at JIB Con

Jensen & Jared at JIB Con #1

Jensen doesn't like Twilight! ;P

J2 - This Is Why I'm Hot

Jensen Ackles & Jason Manns singing "The weight" at the Jus in Bello Convention

Jensen Ackles & Jason Manns @ Jus in Bello Convention

Jensen Ackles - Jared crashing the panel and taking over

Jensen Ackles Singing in Rome

Jensen's panel with Jason Manns - talking about Jared and getting confused

Jensen Ackles still at JIB

Jensen about playing Dean JIB Con

Jensen talking about Dean dying JIB Con

Jensen - His favorite character JIB Con

Would Jensen say 'yes' to Michael?

Jared crashing Jensen's panel

Jensen Ackles being asked a spoiler question by a fan - Jus in Bello - 04/04/2010

give it to me ; multiceleb

Jensen Ackles- Hot Mess

"Team Free Will" or J2 & Misha Collins//Forever with you forever in me

Misha, Jared and Jensen at JIB convention

JIB Con - J2 panel the boys being adorable and Misha invading Jensen's personal space

Jensen & Jason Manns singing "The Weight" at JiBcon

J2 breaking the egg at Jus in Bello Con 3/04/2010

Misha crashing the J2 panel, Jus in Bello, 03/04/2010

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles in Italian TV - part 1

J2 Panel: Part 7 - Supernatural LA Con 2010

J2 || Here Forever

Jensen Ackles // Everybody Loves Me

Jensen Ackles || In my head

LA Con: J2 Panel - Part 6

LA Con: J2 Panel - Part 5

LA Con: J2 Panel - Part 4

LA Con: J2 Panel - Part 3

LA Con: J2 Panel - Part 2

LA Con - J2 Panel - Part 1

J2 | SleepWalker

J2 - Strut!

if we ever meet again (J2)

J2/Dean&Sam || Candy Shop

LA Con 2010: Jared and Jensen

LA Con 2010: Jared and Jensen 2

LA Con 2010: Jared and Jensen 3

J2 - LA con breakfast! (2010)

Jensen & Jared || For Your Entertainment

Jensen Ackles - Right Round

Catch My Disease (J2)

J2 || If It's Love

Everybody Loves Me- Jensen/Jared

Jensen & Jared // Fresh As I Am

Jensen Ackles - My guilty pleasure

J2 / Sophia | The Runaways | Trailer

Jensen & Jared- Good Life

Jensen & Jared- Rocking All Over The World


Take that and rewind it back

.Jensen Ackles II My Drug.

jensen ackles (dean winchester ) - invincible

Jensen Ackles || He's Adorable

j2 [ crush ]

multifandom (good life)

everybody loves me (jensen ackles)

paparazzi (J2)

J2 || Boys Boys Boys

How Jared & Jensen Popped the Question

J2- Sleepyhead

J2 | I knew the beat cause it matched your own beat

Jensen ackles

J2(Sam and Dean)//Rude Boy

Happy 32nd Birthday Jensen Ackles

Happy Birthday Jensen!!! =]


Jensen Ackles - Starry-Eyed

hey, soul sister; [ jared + jensen; J2 ]

First look at Batman: Jensen about Red Hood

J2 (and a bit of Misha) || Walking On Sunshine

What I Like About You [[Jensen Ackles]]

everybody loves me ; [ jared & jensen ; J2 vidlet ]

J2 Cuteness

Everybody loves Jensen, Jared and Misha

So Happy I Could Die

Jensen and Jared - Everybody Loves Me

Cuz we are BOY Hunters!

J2 Good Life

Jensen Ackles- It's My Life/Confessions

Multiboys- Nice guys finish last

J2 || Feel So Supernatural

Goofy Goober! | J2

Ain't Born Typical // J2.

PUPPYFACES!! J2... Jensen and Jared: Do you know what you got into???

when i think of you i don't feel so alone.. (J2)

J2 || Good Life

Jensen & Jared- Break The Ice

Your Love Is My Drug - J2

Jensen & Danneel- Phonography

Jensen Ackles -100th Episode Party

Jensen & Jared- The Reason