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[FANCAM] 160624 Jessica - Fly @ Saigon Water World in Vietnam

SNSD Funny - Why we love this Ice Princess ? - What Makes You Beautiful [FMV]

BLANC & ECLARE 17SS Sunglasses

JESSICA (제시카) - 봄이라서 그래 Music Film

JESSICA (제시카) - 봄이라서 그래 Music Film Teaser

[ENG SUB] Jessica Cooking Tteokbokki (Jessica's Private Life Ep. 2)

Jessica opens up about not being a good role model for Krystal in 'Marie Claire Taiwan' interview

Love Yourself - Jessica Jung (Cover) on Heyo TV

Jessica Jung 제시카 "A Little happiness" "小幸运” 20161105 Shanghai FM

JESSICA (제시카) - WONDERLAND (English Version) Dance Practice Video

JESSICA (제시카) - Official WONDERLAND Behind the Scenes Video

JESSICA (제시카) - Official Wonderland ALBUM JACKET SHOOT Behind The Scenes Video

JESSICA (제시카) - WONDERLAND Official Music Video

JESSICA (제시카) - WONDERLAND Official Music Video Teaser 2

JESSICA (제시카) - WONDERLAND Official Music Video Teaser

BLANC & ECLARE Autumn '16 Sweatshirts

16 Steps to Looking Like a K-Pop Star With Jessica Jung | Vogue

William Chan 陳偉霆 & Jessica Jung 鄭秀妍《Love! Love! Aloha! (國) 》[Official MV]


[ENG SUB] 20160715 Run For Time Jessica Jung Cut

BLANC & ECLARE Summer '16 Eyewear

BLANC & ECLARE Summer '16 Eyewear Teaser

BLANC & ECLARE Summer '16 Denim

[HOT!] Jessica reveals a fun trivia fact about her new MV!

JESSICA (제시카) - GOLDEN SKY Behind the Scenes (English Version)

[ENG SUB] Jessica Jung -YinYueTai STAR! Survey 音悦台 STAR! 调查团 20160520

[ENG SUB] Jessica Jung -Sina interview 20160418 Special Celebrity Mission

[ENG SUB] 151119 Jessica Jung -TaoBao XiShi Beauty (西施) CUT Part 2

160527 Jessica Jung - Naengmyeon

JESSICA JUNG (제시카)Acoustic Version of 'Fly'

제시카 (Jessica) - Call Me Maybe / 20160527 고려대학교 입실렌티

Pops in Seoul _ Jessica(제시카) _ Interview

JESSICA (Feat. Fabolous) - FLY Official Music Video (English Version)

[Lyric M] Jessica - Fly (Feat. Fabolous), 제시카 - 플라이

JESSICA (제시카) (Feat. Fabolous) - FLY Live Performance

JESSICA (제시카) - DEAR DIARY Live Performance

JESSICA (제시카) - LOVE ME THE SAME Live Performance

Showbiz Korea _ Jessica(제시카) _ Interview _ Part 2

Showbiz Korea _ Jessica(제시카) _ Interview _ Part 1

JESSICA (제시카) - Official FLY Behind the Scenes Video

JESSICA (제시카) - Official ALBUM JACKET SHOOT Behind the Scenes Video

JESSICA (제시카) - LOVE ME THE SAME Official Music Video

28 Jessica Jung Facts You Should Know! - @Soshified

JESSICA (제시카) - LOVE ME THE SAME [1ST MINI ALBUM "With Love, J"][Full Audio]

JESSICA (제시카) - FLY Official Music Video

Beauty Bible 2016 S/S - Ep.5: Anybody 24 natural bridal makeup (2016.05.13)

JESSICA (제시카) - LOVE ME THE SAME Official Music Video Teaser

[ENG SUB] Jessica Jung Big Shot 大牌驾到 160503

Official Jessica (제시카) - FLY Music Video Teaser 2

Jessica (제시카) Fly Music Video Teaser

Beauty Bible 2016 S/S - Ep.2: Aqua strobing makeup (2016.04.22)

Beauty Bible 2016 S/S - Ep.1: 2016 S/S Wearing Luxury Brands (2016.04.15)

BLANC & ECLARE Summer '16 RTW Short Version

Jessica in ''Beauty Bible'' teaser for 1st ep 2016 S/S

160306 Jessica Jung CeCi photoshoot

[HD Fancam] 160308 Jessica @ Kenzo show in Paris (edit)


SNSD Jessica Jung High Notes B4-F#5

[ENG SUB] 150828 Jessica in Yes! Coach - Full

Jessica (SNSD) - Almost / with lyrics on screen

Jessica Jung ( 정수연 ) : OST Collection

150801 EX SNSD Jessica On 'Yes!Coach' Trailer

131231 Jessica - I got a boy @ MBC Gayo Daejejeon

140607 Jessica - Mr.Mr. @ DREAM CONCERT

[Infinite Challenge] EDM 공장장 박명수의 가요제 노래모음 - 20150730

[Eng Sub] MBC Cut - Section TV interview Jessica & Krystal

Krystal(f(x)) - Interview with Jessica, 정자매의 화보 촬영 현장 @ Section TV

BLANC & ECLARE Denim 2015

(Eng Sub) Get it Beauty Self 2014 - SNSD Jessica

S/S 2015 Denim Teaser

[Fancam] 150523 Jessica Jung - Take a bow

TaeYeon, SeoHyun, Jessica, Sunny ( SNSD ) - Over The Rainbow

You Raise Me Up - Jessica ft Taeyeon ( SNSD) & Various Artists

Jessica Feat. Key - Barbie Girl [Lyrics]

Jessica Jung Speaking English Compilation

SNSD Jessica & Tiffany Singing In English [HD]

SNSD's Kissng Game!

[Karaoke] Tik Tok - Jessica & Krystal (SM Town Concert Seoul)

me! Magazine Jessica interview

[fancam] 140906 Jessica x Krystal Take A Bow+Tik Tok+California Gurls+Butterfly

150411 Jessica's Birthday Party Bye~!!

150411 Jessica's Birthday Party 8

150411 Jessica's Birthday Party 7 with surprise guest Jung Soo Jung

150411 Jessica's Birthday Party 6

150411 Jessica's Birthday Party 5

150411 Jessica's Birthday Party 4

150411 Jessica's Birthday Party 3

150411 Jessica's Birthday Party 2 - I'm In Love

150411 Jessica's Birthday Party 1

150411 Jessica read Krystal's letter @ Jessica Birthday Party

150414 감동 JESSICA B & E Fansigning Cry - 2015

SNSD Tiffany and Jessica's English

120609 SNSD Jessica - Ending / Jung Sister

[Fancam Mix] Jessica & Krystal - Tik Tok Cover SMTown LA 100904

110611 Jessica & Krystal Tik Tok SMTown Live Concert Paris 720p

Myung-ca Drive(SNSD Jessica) - Naengmyeon, 명카드라이브 - 냉면, Music Core 20090725

Jessica(SNSD) - Naengmyeon(with Park Myung Soo)- 냉면 @ MBC Entertainment Awards

131222 SM WEEK 메르헨 판타지 Girls' Generation JESSICA - MISS KOREA

[Fancam] 100522 Jessica SNSD - Oh!@Namyangju Central Stadium

[Fancam]140123 SNSD Jessica - I Got a Boy @ SMA