The male penguin was coming closer to the male otter and Marlene.
" Errrm ... hello???? " Marlene asked him.

" Hey .. beautiful. " The male penguin said to her, taking off his sunglasses - or as he preferred to call them - shades.

" How ya doin'? I'm Jhordan. " Then he winked at her.

Marlene giggled.

The male otter looked at Marlene - then at Jhordan.

" Excuse me ... DUDE? " He said, approaching Jhordan, " but this is MY catch. Go find another pond and catch another girl. "
" What??!! " Jhordan snapped at him.

" Guys - guys - I'm .. no one's girl!! " Marlene said, pushing them away from eachother.

" Aww .. baby that's not true. " Jhordan said. " I would like you to be MY girl. " Then he looked at the male otter. " And not ... Brandon's. "

Brandon growled ... then they both stared at eachother with fire in their eyes.

" GUYS!!! GUYS!!!!!!! CUT IT OUT!! " Marlene told them both, pushing them away from eachother again.

They then looked upset. " Sorry Marlene. " Brandon said.

" S ... sorry. " Jhordan also said.

" Ya know what guys?? I'm going back into my habitat ... and when I'm back - you won't be here!!! " Marlene told them, angrily, going back into her rock home.

Jhordan smirked. " What eva sexy ... " he said, before wondering off.

Brandon shook his head - then walked off with him.

Inside the rock home .. Marlene was listening to some music when Brandon came in.

" Look ... " he said. " I can't leave. This is where I live now. There's no going back. "

Marlene looked up at him. " Well, you have to. Cus' I am so .. TOTALLY .. not sharing my house with a boy. Who knows what'll happen then?? "

Brandon looked confused. " What? "

" I just .. can't trust you, okay?? " Marlene told him, turning her back.

Jhordan came in. " How's Sexy doin'? " he asked Brandon.

Brandon looked at him strange. " Good ... and ... no ... she ... would you - URGH!! " Brandon then walked out, leaving Jhordan and Marlene alone.

Jhordan looked at Marlene.
He sighed. " Look, Marlene, I'm really sorry. "
" I know .. I know. " Marlene replied, still having her back turned to him.
" And if there is anything I can do - ANYTHING ... I will do it for you. " Jhordan told her, before walking out again.

Marlene looked at the floor in wonder, then turned around. " Jhordan - WAIT!! "