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The fans pick: Jimmy Neutron
The fans pick: Dunno, it was just weird.
The fans pick: "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius"
&# 34; Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius&# 34;
&# 34; Planet Sheen&# 34;
The fans pick: Cindy of course! even though they argue there's chemistry between them
The fans pick: Sheen Estevez
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NagisaFurukawa- said …
Jimmy neutron came out in 2002 i got into Jimmy Neutron when i was in 3rd grade i think that was back in 2005. man this show is my childhood right here. I wish Nickeloden would bring the good cartoons back. And stop putting on lame shows The Fred tv show and other junk like that. Fred was based off a movie of a teenager weird acting boy named Fred. I hated that show. Posted over a year ago
NagisaFurukawa- commented…
Jimmy neutron was better. Nickeloden needs to have more Jimmy Neutron epsidoes and a remake. I remember playing all the Jimmy neutron Video games back in the days for PS2 and Nintendo. game Cube. Nickeloden needs a mob to bring back and make more episodes of rthis show. I was the biggist fan of Jimmy neutron back in 3rd grade and for a while there until when i got into Jr high. Than it stopped airing on TV and stores like Wal-Mart stoped selling the DVDs that was sad. I miss Jimmy Neutron. Nickeloden needs to bring back Jimmy neutron and stop putting on some boreing lame cartoons like they do nowadays over a year ago
Jib1001 said …
man I Miss Jimmy Neutron!!! It was The Best Show on Nickelodeon!
And Sheen was the funniest and likeable character on the show. Posted over a year ago
CokeBoy97 commented…
How come Spongebob's retarded, gay ass is still on t.v.? I wanna know. over a year ago
Jib1001 commented…
probably it has something to do with Spongebob being he's retarded and annyoing still airing on TV man i swear i want to kill him! and f@#k him! over a year ago
Jib1001 commented…
your right! Nickelodeon dosen't even have that much shows good still but the only new Nickelodeon show i like still is probably TMNT (2012). 10 months ago
Simmeh said …
Cindy always reminded me of Helga Pataki. Both are mean to the men they love!! Posted over a year ago