Nick and Joe Jonas have ditched their purity rings. What does this mean for the Jonas Brothers? Well, it could be that the two middle "Jo Bros" are growing up and finding themselves.

According to Perez Hilton, Nick and Joe Jonas have been ring less for a few months now, but recently fans have been beginning to notice.

It's rumored that Nick Jonas actually wears his on a chain around his neck, but it's yet to be seen. Joe Jonas however, seemingly abandoned his purity ring right around the time he and "Twilight" hottie Ashley Greene began their relationship. The cute couple were recently spotted getting close in public.

While Nick Jonas doesn't seem to be dating at the moment, there are always those old Miley Cyrus rumors floating around. Nick and Miley were spotted hanging out with Joe Jonas and his ex girlfriend Demi Lovato last month for Nick's birthday.

The Jonas Brothers are growing up, and that may mean ditching their purity rings for good. While Kevin is married, it's only a matter of time before Joe and Nick Jonas become involved in serious, long lasting relationships.