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Opinion by Holly-Golightly posted over a year ago
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John krasinski
I seem to have created quite a problem for myself. Having never watched the Office until recently, my first glimpse of John was in the Holiday and although his scene was less than a minute I fell in love with him instantly. It seems that the popular consensus is that Jim Halpert is the man everyone is in love with and John is just an afterthought. For me on the other hand, Jim is the afterthought.
In an interview he mentions the ‘robot lady’ who jumped out of her car to run after George. Immediately I realised that I would in fact jump out of my moving car to run after John and wouldn’t even give George a second glance. [Although the chance of this happening is one in a billion considering I live on the other side of the world.] It is making life very difficult for me. I can’t get him out of my head, and even if I manage he creeps back in.
It also appears we have a lot in common. Firstly I am six foot, which makes me just a bit shorter than him. I can also relate to his family. I have two sisters and the three of us were always torturing each other as kids, not with violence per se, but backstabbing and emotional attacks, which can be just as...
Opinion by DarthVibbert posted over a year ago
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Jim Halpert

I remember when I started this fanspot it was at first just a fanspot of the character Jim Halpert from NBC's The Office

but now it has flourished into an almost 300 fan spot for Jonh Krasinski who starred in License to Wed and is set to star many more films coming out soon.

Thanks everyone for making this fanspot page so huge, I appreciate it and I bet John Krasinki would too.

And thanks Dave for the suggestion of changing it to a John page instead of a Jim page.