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The fans pick: Haven't read it.
Haven't read it.
-Breaks down and cries-
The fans pick: Yes! He is expecting a happy anouncement by the end of the week.
Yes! He is expecting a happy anouncement by the end of the week.
Yes, but he doesn't know what Mummy would say.
The fans pick: 221 B. Baker Street
221 B. Baker Street
The Pool
The fans pick: Sherlock
The fans pick: a mix of both
a mix of both
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Fandomlover7906 said …
So, people who have watched setlock say that in one of the season three episodes John get emgaged to Sarah but someone ends up crashing the wedding. I just hope that it is SHerlock and then John and Sherlock can both admit their love for each other! Posted over a year ago
SherlockHolmes7 said …
Wow, John. That's all I can say right now. You really LOVE me? Oh, John....All this time, it's been me. It could have been Sarah, which was what I thought, but it was me. ME. As soon as I get you away from Moriarty, I'll tell you something I've been waiting a long time to tell you. Sorry I've kept it from you this long, but now that I know how you really feel about me, I can finally let it all out. Goodbye, John. -SH Posted over a year ago
DrJohnHWatson said …
Please feel free to add to any part of the club. Submit whatever as long as it's appropriate and fits the club. Oh, and if anyone wants to add a banner, please go right ahead. I can't find one that would work. Or rather John can't. This is what John wishes me to tell you. Posted over a year ago