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Fan fiction by sophiasy posted over a year ago
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jordan jansen is mostly everyone who knows about hims fan. he from asstrlia and has ayoutube and a keek dont forget a face book!!
hes one of the best singer in the world in my opion. but hes got some compition...... Ronan Parke, justun beiber, matty b, and others. all girl magnets they all got bads and goods. but jordan always trys to show his good has a great voice out of all of them the best and shows his best 4 the world
(he also says mum and has a lady gaga poster!)
. - sophiasy
follow me on keek an on fanpop!!1 and follow jordan!!!
Guide by Beatit posted over a year ago
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Even at twelve years old, Jordan Jansen is keenly aware of the effect his singing has on others. He sees the joy his angelic soprano brings to their faces and the warmth it ignites in their hearts, and while this down-to-earth young Aussie keeps a level head about his talent and rapidly rising fame, it is the joy his singing brings to others that makes him love what he does.

“When I sing, I like to look around and see people with smiles on their faces,” Jordan says. “It makes me happy.”

Jordan was a typical child, riding his scooter through the streets of Queensland with his friends and his big sister and listening to the music of Michael Jackson, when he entered a talent contest in the first grade and came in second. But while he didn’t win the big prize, he gained something much greater and more valuable - the realization that he had found something he truly loves.

“The very first time I sang, it felt so good,” he says. “I looked around the room and everyone was smiling. I thought, this is what I want to do. This is the path I want to take.”