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News by flowerdrop posted over a year ago
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Jordana Brewster Talks Dallas
The Fast and the Furious star talks about joining the new version of the classic TV series.

Best known for the continually successful Fast and the Furious franchise, Jordana Brewster’s latest role takes the actress (who previously was seen on All My Children and Chuck) back to TV, in TNT’s new take on the classic series, Dallas.

Rather than a remake, the new Dallas is a sequel series, in which Brewster’s Elena is one of a new generation of characters interacting with iconic Dallas characters like Bobby (Patrick Duffy) and J.R. (Larry Hagman).

I spoke to Brewster about her new series, and what drew her to the role.

IGN: You’ve done TV before, but you have a nice movie career going. What was it about this project that really appealed to you?

Jordana Brewster: Well, I really like television. I started in television, and I love watching TV. I love Nurse Jackie, I love The Good Wife, I love Girls now -- it’s so good! So I was always looking for something that was appealing, and what appealed to me about this was that the script was really good, the...
Opinion by flowerdrop posted over a year ago
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Interview: Jordana Brewster Talks "Fast Five", Finally Becoming An Action Heroine, And On-Set Injuries

Interview by Matt Barone

For a lot of people, particularly the franchise’s most outspoken haters, Fast Five has been one of the year’s biggest surprises. It’s one of those rare cases where you can tell that the filmmakers totally nailed everything they set out to do with the film.
Jordana Brewster: Thank you, yeah. I loved making it, and I was really, really happy with the outcome. I thought Justin [Lin] did such a good job, and adding Dwayne Johnson was an awesome addition.

When the reviews started coming out, it was interesting to see how many critics who’d ripped apart the previous movies were heaping praise on this one. Did that surprise you at all?

I don’t read reviews, really; usually, I’ll just go on Rotten Tomatoes and look at the overall score. [Laughs.] I don’t read the specifics, though. It’s been so cool to hear that the response has been so positive, especially when you’re on the fifth one. You don’t want to disappoint the core fans, but you also...