J.R.R. Tolkien movie LOTR sucks!

olorinmaia posted on Nov 06, 2008 at 11:09AM
dont you think so?

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over a year ago shieldmaiden said…
no never have and never will. It's a pretty good adaptation of the books, except for some of that extra Arwen/Aragorn stuff they threw in that was completely unnecessary
over a year ago RulerL0rd said…
Congratulations olorinmaia. You have just said the stupidest thing of the 21st Century.
over a year ago ShadowFlame said…
Hey there! I just want to say a few things aboot the forum you have made.

1: If we thought the LotR movies sucked, then why would we be fans of the author?

2: You are clearly a fake account of a user with no back-bone. Once you come out with your real account, I'll talk to you like you were something to be respected.

3: Thanks to both shieldmaiden and RulerL0rd for being the only two comments, both of which are positive and disagree with the idiot statement in the forum.

4: Next time you decide to do this, (I'm not referring to you olorinmaia, but the user who created your pathetic account) please think twice before you waste your own time.
over a year ago i_luv_angst said…
Wow. Why do I even bother posting here? What a stupid forum.
Thank you for your first comment RulerL0rd. I completely agree with you.
over a year ago rclowe said…
Hi Olorin Maia,
I think you hit the nail on the head, although with vulgar phrase of which Dr. Tolkien would not approve.
I am surprised that nobody had the stomach to stand up and agree with you. Every time I hear someone say how wonderful the movies were, I wonder if:
A. They ever read the books.
B. Are just buying into the Hollywood dogma that big special effects and violence trumps story and faithfulness to plot.
I could go on for hours about how many essential characters were changed from the books to the movies, how many stories were eliminated for what appears to be no good reason and (the worst sin of all, in my opinion) how many new stories were added - ADDED!
I am saddened that anyone who is truly a fan of the books could accept these changes. I saw the Fellowship, and there were only a few changes - and I am not talking about just skipping over parts (although Tom Bombadil was sorely missed), because I understand to make a book into a movie requires editing, but changing the whole scene where the Black Rider is first sniffing for the ring and how about the stairs in Moria before they got to the bridge? Did they have to make it into a "Raiders of the Lost Ark" kind of moving pulley bridge or whatever they did?
But, the Two Towers, which I just tried to watch for the second time but could not stomach it (the first time I made it all the way through because I paid my money in a theater). I dare someone to respond and say there weren't any changes or additions from the book. They won't because they can't.
Anyway, bottom line is that in protest, even though I am a very big fan of the books, I have never watched and will never watch the 3rd movie they made. As Gimli said near the end of Two Towers - "Toss Me"
over a year ago rclowe said…
Oh, and to answer ShadowFlame, I am a big fan of the books and not at all a fan of the movies. I don't think the movies have much to do with the books, save in name only and some of the characters are similar. Do you recall in the books where:
Gandalf and Saruman had a wizards' duel?
Famamir tried to bring Frodo back to Minis Tirith?
Aragorn and his buddies fought wolves on horseback in the plains of Rohan?
That is just a small sampling.
over a year ago Mallory101 said…
WTF! I agree with Shadowflame,i_luv_angst,and RulerL0rd.
Why the hell would you join this spot if you hate the movies. You must be friggin' retarded to hate the movies...or anything else do with Peter Jackson/J.R.R Tolkien and Middle Earth. I agree with i_luv_angst this is sch a stupid forum.

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over a year ago green79 said…
Ahhh! What's wrong with you rclowe????? I agree that the books are better but the movies are still amazing and they're my favourite movies of all time! If you think that Peter Jackson did such a bad job why don't you go and make new movies? Oh right, because that would be IMPOSSIBLE! Peter Jackson did such an amazing job that no one could ever make new movies - they would look like crap!

Your basically saying that you don't like the movies because they changed a few small things from the book... well you must really hate book to screen adaptions then because what movie isn't different from the book??

And also you said that... 'I don't think the movies have much to do with the books' ...uh did you even watch the movies? Where are you getting all this from?

I completely agree with you RulerL0rd.
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over a year ago green79 said…
Wow that's one of the longest comments I've written.
over a year ago Glow said…
wtf? why would u say that lotr sucks?! it's the best movie ever!!
over a year ago Emm_xD said…
Well said ShadowFlame.
over a year ago twilightvixen09 said…
no i don't! if you get the extended cut and watch the extra stuff they admit to some changes and made a very good point one of the writters said that even if they gave character lines that were said by other characters they are still Tolkien's words.
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over a year ago twilightvixen09 said…
well said ShadowFlame!
over a year ago afirewiel said…
Books and movies are two different media forms. There are things that work in one that don't work in the other. So therefore, when a book is adapted into a movie it is necessary to make some changes. Peter Jackson did an amazing job! He captured the heart and soul of the book perfectly. Yes, certain things that happened in the movies didn't happen in the book, but that only makes it the more interesting. Who wants to go see a movie knowing 100% of the things that are going to happen? It's the changes that surprise an audience. Besides, if Tolkien himself could have seen the movies, I'm sure he'd love them!
over a year ago welcome309 said…
look, anyone who hates them hates j.r.r tolkien. i personally love the movies and the books. and most of my friends do to. these were his best books and he is a respectable man. i think that people who hate them haven't lived... i dont mean to be rude.
over a year ago maia01 said…
Peter Jackson and everyone who worked on the LOTR movies outshone themselves! There never was or will be a better adaption of it to the big screen.
over a year ago juliet98 said…
those are 3 great films. The acrtors are really good and peter jackson made a great work with the scenes. i love it!!!
over a year ago ZoeDurin said…
What the hell? You're clearly a dimwit who shouldn't speak their mind because it'll almost always be something pointless and mean. If you spent countless years making something you think is amazing and lots of people hated on it how would you feel?