Julie Andrews Favorite Person alongside Julie?

bunnie15 posted on Jun 02, 2007 at 02:35PM
Who do you think Julie works best with?
I know that Julie and James Garner are such a cute couple and had very good chemistry. Lol.

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over a year ago danni-obel said…
deffinatly carol burnette. they are perfect.
the shows they did were pure brilliance.
over a year ago haveconfidence said…
WOW!! what a dilemma. guess I'll go w/James Garner, since they have acted rather than fooled around.(also talent). Quite a chemistry for sure.
over a year ago edelweiss19 said…
Oh, my pick would be Chris Plummer. Their chemistry was one of the BEST I've ever seen.. They even look like married couples, if you see their vids shot just a couple of years ago.
over a year ago PrincessGhailz said…
Carol Burnett and James Garner!!!
over a year ago swimten1 said…
big smile
James Garner all the way! But what about Robert Preston? They were very good together
over a year ago mamabear58 said…
Christopher Plummer would be my first choice..they have an amazing chemistry both on and off screen. Next would be James Garner as the chemistry there is undeniable as well.
9 months ago charissajayna said…
I say Emma Walton Hamilton. They had very strong teamwork writing books. I'm sure they both enjoyed doing it. On the other hand, it's Carol Burnett. Best friends remain forever as friends, and I loved there shows.