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The fans pick: Chibi-tan (Isaka to Misaki)
Chibi-tan (Isaka to Misaki)
Hiro-san (Nowaki to Hiroki)
The fans pick: 2 years older
2 years older
3 years older
The fans pick: Don't know?
Don't know?
Add your own please ;"}
The fans pick: anime
manga (with drama cd)
The fans pick: Takahiro Sakurai~ Misaki Takahiro
Takahiro Sakurai~ Misaki Takahiro
Hikaru Hanada~ Akihiko Usami
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1 fan has answered this question
1 fan has answered this question
2 fans have answered this question
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Kenshi2 said …
I want Misaki to dress like Suzuki-san for halloween. Posted 1 month ago
duncanlovR said …
I don't think a new season's been confirmed but new animated something-or-whatever for Junjou Romantica. C: Posted over a year ago
Ryoga_Rocks commented…
Thats exciting. Hi there. over a year ago
duncanlovR commented…
Dude, how are you? 8D over a year ago
Ryoga_Rocks commented…
Err, sorry for being so late ;3; Real good! I miss talking with you everyday! How are you? What the hell happened to Fanpop? Not having meebo is really inconvenient. Dx over a year ago
Yanallia said …
I hit the jackpot! 1,000 fan! ;"} Posted over a year ago
IamKyon commented…
Yay! Congrats! XD over a year ago
Yanallia commented…
Lol over a year ago