Well, I thought that this story was almost done...that there would only be a few chapters left. However, I thought of an idea so this story is going to go on for a while. Hope everyone enjoys this chapter...

End of Chapter 48

"I think that would be fine, let me talk to my father...he'll probably come meet you in town, it's easy to get lost out here. Can I call you back?" He asked.

"Yes, please call us back. We're about 10 minutes out side of New Castle, we'll stop in town and wait for your call."

"Ok, I will call again in a few minutes." He said as the phone went dead.

Everyone had heard the conversation, so it wasn't necessary to fill in anyone. We all talked about what could be wrong with Bella, seeing as how we all had some medical training.

About ten minutes later we pulled into the small town of New Castle, Colorado. The driver pulling in front of what looked like a cafe, his meter reading $104. I reached into my wallet, pulling another hundred dollars out of my wallet and handed it to the driver as promised.

We all got out, gathering our belongings as the other taxi pulled up along side. Emmett got out, angry because our cabbie was willing to be bribed when apparently theirs wouldn't be. We told everyone about talking to Bella, and I explained what I knew about Bella's injury to Carlisle as we waited for Eric to call us back.

We were all standing around talking about the possibilities when all of us went still, watching as four black limousines pulled through town, one slowing as it went past. There was no mistaking the skin, hair and red eyes that were looking at us as they rolled by, my hand instantly going for my cell.

Chapter 51

I reached into my pocket and called the number for Bella’s cell, it rang three times before someone answered.

“Edward?” Bella’s voice said, she sounded worried.

“Bella, you have to get out of there, now.” I said, my family listening to everything.

“They’re coming here, aren’t they?” She asked, I could tell that she was slightly out of breath.

“Bella, where are you?”

“I just ran out the back door, I had a dream….it was too real. Then Jason came back with someone in the truck with him. I had to get out of there.” She said, I could tell she was running.

“Bella, where are you?” I asked as I started moving to the edge of town, which was where the woods began.

I knew that everyone was behind me, Emmett smiling from ear to ear as he thought about the fight that was imminent. I tried to focus on talking to Bella, but all I could hear was Jasper yelling at me, cussing me out because he knew that there was no way he was going to be able to keep Alice out of this…and if anything happened he would blame me. I stopped at the edge of the woods and glared at Jasper, a growl growing in my chest. Everyone stopped instantly, looking from me to Jasper who was slightly crouched himself.

“Jasper, NOT NOW!” I said, the growl getting louder.

“Edward?” Bella asked as I heard her getting out of breath.

“Bella, love where are you? Do you know where you were?” I asked as I turned my back on my family and started walking into the woods.

“I don’t know, I was asleep when they brought me here. Edward, they are going to hurt Mike and his family, they helped me and now they will all be…” She said as her voice choked off in a sob.

“Bella.” I said as I got frustrated, I was this close to her….but had no way to find her. I knew that the woods around here went on and on.

“Edward, what’s going on?” Alice thought as she looked at me.

“Jasper needs to not push me right now. Will you and Jazz go back and find out where Michael lives, I have to go and try finding her before they do.” I thought.

Alice went over and grabbed Jasper’s hand and started walking back towards town, I knew that she wouldn’t stop until she found out and she would return as fast as possible.

“Bella, I am going to….” I said as I looked at my family, quickly correcting myself. “We are going to find you. We’re at the edge of the forest, keep running down if possible. Do not stop, keep moving Bella. I will find you!” I said as I started running, hearing my family follow behind me.

“Edward, I’m scared.” She whispered, which scared me and gave me a push to go faster then I though possible.

“Bella, don’t be scared. Please know that we will be there as soon as possible. I love you.” I said as I ran, smelling the air as I ran.

“I love you too.” She said, she was out of breath. I knew that she had a head injury of some degree, and that running and avoiding the terrain would not be helpful.

“We will stay on the phone, talk to me Bella.” I said as I ran up hill, my family spreading out so that we could cover more ground.

“This is hard, the ground is so uneven. Edward, I hear someone.” She whispered.

“Keep moving Bella, don’t stop.” I said, my fear rising by the second.

“Edward, they’re catching me.”

“Bella, love, please keep going. Don’t let your fear win.” I pleaded.

I heard someone running behind me, and turned to see Alice who was pointing off to the northwest. “That’s where she was.” She said as her, Jasper and I all took off running.

“Bella, we know where you were. We’re not far, please keep going. I will get you love, please for us keep going.” I asked.

I waited for her to answer, and kept running as fast as I could…no faster then I knew I could. We had just rounded a corner when I heard a sound that stopped all three of us in our places….frozen with fear. Bella was a few hundred feet from me, screaming as loud as she could as someone stalked towards her.