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my own jb name slip
Justin Drew Bieber MyEverything:)
oscar from chelsea fc i love justin bieber and
justin bieber, 2014
justin bieber 2014
Justin Bieber  2014
Justin Bieber ,2014
New photos from Justin's photoshoot with Mike Lerner
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The fans pick: Yeah, he's gonna be a star
Yeah, he's gonna be a star
Nah, he sucks
The fans pick: Yes,hes totally hot!!!
Yes, hes totally hot!!!
No, ew gross hes so ugly!!
The fans pick: love them both!
love them both!
the the picture
The fans pick: with you by chris brown
with you by chris brown
someday at christmas
The fans pick: Zac efron
Zac efron
Justin bieber
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gennierocks1 said …
Hi Justin! I love you loads you are an amazing singer and you are really funny! I would love to meet you because you are epic. Please add me!! xxxxxxxxxxxx Posted 1 day ago
Savannah_Jake said …
Hi Posted 7 days ago
bizzle_sexy said …
Guys I'm NOT Justin Bieber I'm his fan and a belieber , so if u add me as a friend maybe I'll ask him to a fanpop so we can chat with him ❤️ Deal? 😜 Posted 14 days ago
gennierocks1 commented…
would you really do that??? x 1 day ago