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Article by shafiqua posted 1 day ago
fan of it?
Wait for a minute
Can wait for a minute?
Yeah, wait for a minute
Wait for a minute
Girl, just a minute

Well, if you walk with me
Well, if you take my hand babe
We can go to a place you ain't never seen before

Slow dance in the moonlight
I'm just tryna set the mood right
I'm just doing what a dude do
Do it over and over and over

Quickly wanna run with me now
Swiftly just come with me now
Foot steps go to the beat now
Over and over and over

It's just the way, that way, that way, that you do me babe
All, I can say, that say, that say, that I'd behave
But I'd be lying babe

Just wanna wait for a minute (wait for a minute)
Wait for a minute, babe (wait for a minute)
Just wanna wait for a minute (play for a minute)
I dream place for a minute, place for a minute babe

Article by shafiqua posted 2 days ago
fan of it?
1 fan
Where are you now
When I need you the most
Why don't you take my hand
I want to be close

Help me when I am down
Lift me up off the ground
Teach me right from wrong
Help me to stay strong

Take my hand and walk with me

I need you to set me free yeah

Where are you now
When nothing is going right
Where are you now
I can't see the light

Where are you now,
When I need you the most?

I need you
To need me
Can't you see me
How could you leave me
My heart is half empty
I'm not whole
When you're not with me

I want you
Here with me
To guide me
hold me
and love me now

Why don't you take my hand?
I wanna be close.
Take my hand and walk with me, yeahh.


So take my hand and walk with me.
Article by shafiqua posted 3 days ago
fan of it?
Come here
I don't know what happened

[Verse 1:]
Where did they go?
Nights like this don't happen anymore
I need to know
Is it me, and did I lose control?

Lonely overseas
Lonely memories
Wish I had the key to your heart
People come and go
Baby, they don't know
What we had before
But it fell before our eyes

Roller coaster, roller coaster
Spinning all around and around for a while baby
Roller coaster, roller coaster
For a minute we were up, but the next we were falling down

[Verse 2:]
It's been difficult
I'm just happy there's no fights no more
But it's nights like this that I never ever missed you more
If there's a reason what this happened for
(But I can't help but feel like)

Lonely overseas
Lonely memories