I was goin to Justin's concert for my 18th b-day(Justin was 19 when i was 18 in my dream but in real life I will b 15 when he's 19). I had a front row seat. He jumped off the stage and was running in front of the first row and touching people's hands. He touched mine and stopped. He looked rite into my eyes and came closer to me and slipped a backstage pass to me and whispered in my ear,"I want to talk to u in private after the concert." All I could do was stare at him. He went on with his concert, casting sideways glances at me every once in a while. After the concert I went backstage. I saw Justin waiting for me. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into his dressing room. He crossed his arms and said,"So ur a fan?" And I said,"Yeah I'm obsessed with u." he grinned and said,"Oh really?" He stareted walkin towards me, slowly backing me closer and closer to the wall behind me. "Obsessed?" By then he had completely backed up against the wall. He put his had on the wall and leaned his face close to mine(in my dream Selena Gomez is not in the picture in case ur wondering). "Then how about u give me ur number if ur so obsessed with me." I tried my hardest to keep my cool but it was hard. I felt like jumping up and down and screaming. I mean I was in Justin bieber's dressing room for cryin out loud! I kept my cool and said,"Give me ur phone." he handed it to me and I put my number in it and gave it back. He looked at it and said,"Ur number is as beautiful as u." I don't know how I kept my cool then but somehow I did. I replied,"And ur songs r as hot and sexy as u." he laughed. He took his phone out of his pocket and after a few seconds of punching buttons he put it back. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. It was a txt. It said "I'm not the only one in this room that's hot and sexy" I looked up at him and asked,"Why me? I mean I'm not complaining or anything but I want to know why me cuz u have so many choices." He simply said,"I've never met anyone as perfect as u." I stared into his eyes. They made my heart melt. Then he leaned in more and kissed me, a very wonderful kiss, the best ive ever had. He pulled back. I want to do something for u and surprise u with it. Let me take u home. I need to know where u live." I lived in Nashville in my dream and that was where he was performing so he didn't have to drive very far. He parked in my driveway and said,"I'll pick u up tomorrow morning." 
He picked me up at 6am the next morning. I didn't ask why it was so early cuz I really didn't care. He took me to the air port and I figured out that we were goin to Hawaii. "No way!" I said. " U haven't seen anything yet," he said. We arrived in Hawaii at 12pm. We just hung out till 11pm then we went to the beach. There wasn't anybody there and I thought this was strange so I told Justin. He said,"I rented the whole beach." I was so stunned I didnt say anything. When we got to the sand part I saw a bunch of beach towels laid out and candles and food on two fancy plates. We ate then just talked. It was 11:59. Rite when it turned midnite fireworks blew up the sky! I've never seen so many fireworks! There wasn't a single black spot in the sky. When the show was over, Justin asked,"So wat r u thinking?" "About wat?" I asked. "U know.... about me....and u....together maybe. As in boyfriend and girlfriend. Dating." I was shocked that he even asked me. "Is that a trick question? Ur like the best boyfriend ever! Of course I want to b ur girlfriend!" He smiled wide and said,"Great!" And I said,"So I'm really Justin bieber's girlfriend?" He said,"Yes u r. And I'm ur boyfriend and I'm never gonna let u go. I'm gonna keep u on my arm girl, ur never gonna b alone. I can b a gentleman, anything u want. I'm ur boyfriend, and I love u."

I woke feeling like the happiest person in the world.