hey fans, i wanna let you to know some of my magic dreams about justin bieber.

every day i think about justin and listen to he's songs and i got abstract dreams about justin beiber.

where i can find justin and kiss it from my heart. where i can find justin alone and make love to him.
where i can be alone with justin bieber and i tell him i love you my pink dream why i can't stay with you for every why . tell me why i so far of you and i can't hear your live songs in concerts and meetings . why why and why?!! and then i crying for long time and still in justin's dream. then i see justin and me in the beach in shiny day and happpy love with him . eveyone if you see justin , just kiss him as me , from your deep heart and tells him i really love justin bieber for every time i alive.

i wanna keep this love till every time im alive.

and the end of my dream is a deep pink kiss of justin's lips and flying to sky.

i love you justin , i love so much.