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GUIDE  nkuly 0 315 over a year ago
HEY! GUESS WHAT!  amandawaffles 0 212 over a year ago
Justin 3d  AngelikasFan 0 159 over a year ago
CHECK OUT THESE REALLY COOL JUSTIN BIEBER MUSIC SKINS  amandawaffles 0 136 over a year ago
RIP Justin Bieber  PlumtheHunter 2 752 over a year ago
THIS VIDEO MADE MY EYES EXLPODE  Quezon 5 233 over a year ago
justin bieber  ksonn 1 289 over a year ago
JUSTIN'S GAME  spongebob-buddy 6 812 over a year ago
Send in your JB Concert reviews / pics  PRJunky 0 140 over a year ago
justin bieber  italyjasha31 0 314 over a year ago
Justin Bieber havent tweeted all day!!  bieber538 6 371 over a year ago
Are you Justin Biebers biggest fan?  roxybalboa 1 253 over a year ago
Justin Bieber died!?  sharerune 4 317 over a year ago
where can i get interview videos  brendadimotta 2 220 over a year ago
new cool site  jane37 2 342 over a year ago
ARE YOU JUSTIN'S #1 FAN!?!?  postpaintgirl 2 289 over a year ago
CALLING ALL BIEBER FANS!!  Fantourage 2 220 over a year ago
justin bieber did NOT ASSAULT a 12 year old!! get it straight in your head!!  dumb_love 1 336 over a year ago
AMAZING JUSTIN BIEBER CONTEST!!  Hurricane07 1 383 over a year ago
Extreme Bieber Makeover gets to see Justin in LA on Oct. 25th  Tamara182 0 471 over a year ago
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15 Best Quotes from Justin's book  bieberaddicts 0 218 over a year ago
justin  hopejohnson 0 203 over a year ago
What do you like about Justin  Money3395 1 353 over a year ago
Bieber abit drunk lol  Bieber_91 2 357 over a year ago
CAMRYN SINGS I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!  chotheamazing 0 271 over a year ago
CAMRYN SINGS I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER  chotheamazing 0 1067 over a year ago
Justin Bieber Screensaver  katiegrrrl96 0 661 over a year ago
PLEASE VOTE FOR ME TO MEET JUSTIN BIEBER!  lindzbitz 0 233 over a year ago
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Justin Bieber MusicSkins  JBFan4Ever2010 1 191 over a year ago
TWITTER :)  cjcgal 0 228 over a year ago
cute comic about beebee  sarahtnin 0 140 over a year ago
Justin Bieber contest! Must enter!  meowmeow123 0 210 over a year ago
Justin Bieber contest :)  meowmeow123 0 477 over a year ago
Justin Bieber Concert Share ...  Justincamryn 1 277 over a year ago
Justin Bieber Concert  Justincamryn 3 289 over a year ago
WIN JUSTIN BIEBER PRIZES  pghgirl 2 927 over a year ago
Enter 2 win tickets 2 see Justin Bieber live in concert!  bieberr_me 2 306 over a year ago
DOES JUSTIN BIEBER LIP SYNC IN CONCERT?  bieber538 1 2460 over a year ago
FROM: CAITLIN BEADLES  godsgirl8494 3 1148 over a year ago
Bieber Visited Hooters  RobbyNova 0 418 over a year ago
SHARE YOUR TWITTER!!  cjcgal 6 548 over a year ago
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describe-e-doo  mae_cait_001 0 393 over a year ago
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i love justin  justinloverlove 1 292 over a year ago
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See AND Meet Justin in San Diego!  Haze933 0 258 over a year ago
jbeibs is a hattie  jbLuvsmexox 7 498 over a year ago
heres a justin beiber screensaver i found!  jbfanuker 2 1240 over a year ago
amazing cover of justin's song Rich Girl!!!  jbfan122 0 249 over a year ago
For the love of all that is Justin Bieber... (FAN STUFF)  doublebhs 0 411 over a year ago
New song!  heyhowyadoin 0 317 over a year ago
Justin is short but....  Milouu 5 549 over a year ago
Just saw the new clip!  SamathaK 1 243 over a year ago
yair danor - singer & dancer, look a like justin bieber!!!  laurenbiber 0 1919 over a year ago
Justin Bieber In Love with an Australian.  LilMillar95 5 437 over a year ago
the love of my life  lolo96 0 188 over a year ago
Who wants VIP tickets to a Justin Bieber concert, flights and accomodation paid for?? Well nows your chance...  cjcgal 2 546 over a year ago
yair danor - singer & dancer! look a like justin  laurenbiber 0 586 over a year ago
Justin Bieber is online on Twitter! Right now!  mitchie19 1 580 over a year ago
ong..................!  sisalwaysthere 6 493 over a year ago
Justin Bieber new clip :O  xjustinlovex 1 178 over a year ago
omg the new justin bieber clip!  Justinsbest1993 0 220 over a year ago
Justins new single  bieberlover735 0 283 over a year ago
Bieber's latest vid!  ForBieber 0 308 over a year ago
Do you have a question about Justin Bieber?  lyndawitha_y44 0 289 over a year ago
Believer turned Hater: Who is Sydney Dalton?  lyndawitha_y44 0 316 over a year ago
hy,, :D  memeii 0 122 over a year ago
shaq vs bieber  lyndawitha_y44 1 430 over a year ago
OMG I am on cam with Justin  bieberfan961 3 597 over a year ago
purple hair ? :) let start something!  dancerlove17 0 654 over a year ago
whole episode of shaq vs. bieber  lyndawitha_y44 0 244 over a year ago
Justin Bieber Games!  lyndawitha_y44 0 447 over a year ago
Justin Bieber tour  Jbiebertour 0 368 over a year ago
Secret new JB video!  sarahsmith19 0 273 over a year ago
wow!!! somone is selling a yearbook with justin signature!!  bieber4fever 4 1199 over a year ago
DATING!!!!!!  jjmmhnc 0 349 over a year ago
SICK!!!!!  jjmmhnc 0 218 over a year ago
help me  spongebob-buddy 0 299 over a year ago
Justin Bieber Ft. Ludacris - Baby (New Version) 2010 Dj Casanova  1yop 0 559 over a year ago
my justin like  vonna8 1 353 over a year ago
JB does NOT have a fanpop account.  iluvllllll 2 402 over a year ago
OMG why was Justin arrested?  JBLover213 4 368 over a year ago