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FROM: CAITLIN BEADLES  godsgirl8494 3 840 over a year ago
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SHARE YOUR TWITTER!!  cjcgal 6 304 over a year ago
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describe-e-doo  mae_cait_001 0 271 over a year ago
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See AND Meet Justin in San Diego!  Haze933 0 197 over a year ago
jbeibs is a hattie  jbLuvsmexox 7 498 over a year ago
heres a justin beiber screensaver i found!  jbfanuker 2 1118 over a year ago
amazing cover of justin's song Rich Girl!!!  jbfan122 0 188 over a year ago
For the love of all that is Justin Bieber... (FAN STUFF)  doublebhs 0 228 over a year ago
New song!  heyhowyadoin 0 195 over a year ago
Justin is short but....  Milouu 5 305 over a year ago
Just saw the new clip!  SamathaK 1 182 over a year ago
yair danor - singer & dancer, look a like justin bieber!!!  laurenbiber 0 1553 over a year ago
Justin Bieber In Love with an Australian.  LilMillar95 5 254 over a year ago
the love of my life  lolo96 0 188 over a year ago
Who wants VIP tickets to a Justin Bieber concert, flights and accomodation paid for?? Well nows your chance...  cjcgal 2 485 over a year ago
yair danor - singer & dancer! look a like justin  laurenbiber 0 220 over a year ago
Justin Bieber is online on Twitter! Right now!  mitchie19 1 458 over a year ago
ong..................!  sisalwaysthere 6 371 over a year ago
Justin Bieber new clip :O  xjustinlovex 1 178 over a year ago
omg the new justin bieber clip!  Justinsbest1993 0 220 over a year ago
Justins new single  bieberlover735 0 161 over a year ago
Bieber's latest vid!  ForBieber 0 247 over a year ago
Do you have a question about Justin Bieber?  lyndawitha_y44 0 106 over a year ago
Believer turned Hater: Who is Sydney Dalton?  lyndawitha_y44 0 133 over a year ago
hy,, :D  memeii 0 122 over a year ago
shaq vs bieber  lyndawitha_y44 1 308 over a year ago
OMG I am on cam with Justin  bieberfan961 3 475 over a year ago
purple hair ? :) let start something!  dancerlove17 0 593 over a year ago
whole episode of shaq vs. bieber  lyndawitha_y44 0 183 over a year ago
Justin Bieber Games!  lyndawitha_y44 0 447 over a year ago
Justin Bieber tour  Jbiebertour 0 185 over a year ago
Secret new JB video!  sarahsmith19 0 212 over a year ago
wow!!! somone is selling a yearbook with justin signature!!  bieber4fever 4 955 over a year ago
DATING!!!!!!  jjmmhnc 0 227 over a year ago
SICK!!!!!  jjmmhnc 0 157 over a year ago
help me  spongebob-buddy 0 177 over a year ago
Justin Bieber Ft. Ludacris - Baby (New Version) 2010 Dj Casanova  1yop 0 376 over a year ago
my justin like  vonna8 1 170 over a year ago
JB does NOT have a fanpop account.  iluvllllll 2 402 over a year ago
OMG why was Justin arrested?  JBLover213 4 246 over a year ago
Is Justin really going to apear in Twilight new movies?  MistiH 0 126 over a year ago
Justin Bieber New Tour Dates 2010  jayzor 0 279 over a year ago
justin bieber  taytay77 1 241 over a year ago
justin bieber starring in true jackson vp  shazyrach 1 240 over a year ago
Justin Bieber and Melanie Huynh  ilovejbxo1 1 294 over a year ago
My Life Story  ChristianB_Prvt 29 2503 over a year ago
That Should be me Lyrics  ft_msbieber 0 259 over a year ago
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG....OMG!  Bieber_Luvvaa_x 0 204 over a year ago
What Happened??  EmyLay 5 721 over a year ago
Are you Justin's number 1 fan?  cjcgal 1 213 over a year ago
Look!  zanesaaomgfan 2 336 over a year ago
WOW  babylily99 5 434 over a year ago
I Can Sing Better Than Justin Beiber!  hellomia 0 289 over a year ago
JUSTIN'S GAME  spongebob-buddy 0 349 over a year ago
wow  brianna666 0 214 over a year ago
Justin Bieber + Kim Kardashian DATING????  Bieboy 0 164 over a year ago
awesome jb poem!  Nikkinaynay 2 1004 over a year ago
justin's girlfriend??  vinnyj537 1 252 over a year ago
E News! Interviews Justin Bieber---6-PAC?  E_News 0 282 over a year ago
JUSTINS NEW MOVIE? ? ?  jode111 4 730 over a year ago
Mbt Shoes, 55% OFF Mbt Sale, Discount MBT Shoes - Free Shipping  alizeely 1 1474 over a year ago
Justin Bieber  StrawberryKatie 0 276 over a year ago
What were JB & Kim Kardashian doing in the Bahamas?  lyndawitha_y 0 418 over a year ago
Justin Bieber Tickets  welovemj829 0 187 over a year ago
MEET JB  tsajbfan 1 292 over a year ago
A Justin Bieber quiz I made!  iJBFan 1 475 over a year ago
OMG! JUSTIN BIEBER CAUGHT KISSING A BOY WATCH THE VIDEO NOW!!!!!  naomina 1 1940 over a year ago
Justin biebers new contest  cdoconnor 2 514 over a year ago
My World Tour Videos  JBLiveTour 0 184 over a year ago
CAITLIN BEADLES IS SO PRETTY! BAHAHA  MariaNatasha 13 2019 over a year ago
justin bieber  lollypopjb123 6 1059 over a year ago
MEET JUSTIN BIEBER IN CANADA <3  cjcgal 0 255 over a year ago
Justin Bieber does not have a girlfriend!!!  BieberFanatic 0 259 over a year ago
Win a trip to see Justin Bieber live in CANADA!  AimeeandHannah 3 872 over a year ago
SECRET AND NEVER BEFORE SEEN PICTURES from Justin!!  JustinFunBieber 0 2005 over a year ago
♥♥justin beiber vid clip ♥♥  laurac13 1 357 over a year ago
4 Tickets to Justin's SOLD OUT concert in London ON  sunnydays 3 246 over a year ago
WIN A CHANCE TO MEET JUSTIN BIEBER LIVE!!!  cjcgal 0 770 over a year ago
NEW JUSTIN BIEBER 3D MOVIE!!!  obnoxious 0 175 over a year ago
Justin's new really good friends ( girls ) from estonia !  KATAAh 3 1618 over a year ago
Do you love JB?  lethalist 1 479 over a year ago
justin bieber - baby remix  bieberbiebierj 2 341 over a year ago
Justin Bieber drawing  jordanxmichelle 0 144 over a year ago
Justin Bieber ( the truth )  iluvllllll 6 296 over a year ago
Justin bieber picture pack  blackic3 0 563 over a year ago
WE IN LOVER AHHHH  jilliboo1 0 265 over a year ago
hey guys, I got Justin's MSN  bieberfan961 1 387 over a year ago
j.b. is the best  mary_the_best 2 261 over a year ago
Win a ticket to see Justin Bieber Live in Memphis!  InTheWind 0 176 over a year ago
Exclusive Justin Bieber Footage!!  Suwoop 0 196 over a year ago
MORE THAN 1000 PICS OF JUSTIN IN ONE FILE !!!  gallery_bieber 4 427 over a year ago
HELP!!n calling all justinbieberRL and christianb fans/lovers  lovejbforever 21 1397 over a year ago