Justin Bieber Should Igo Out With Justin Bieber Cause I Am Charming And Sweet.

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 asiah31 posted over a year ago
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01shana picked yes:
of course cuz that is true and i will love to go with him not becuz just that becuz i am funny smart cool and i love and knows ho to sing and i am sexy and beautiful gorgeaus oh n we r meant 4 each other i love justin bieber and all his talents we r lke meant 4 each other 4real and thnx very much bye
posted over a year ago.
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16shamvn picked yes:
well if u r chrminhg and sweet then yes
posted over a year ago.
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Rachael-111 picked no:
U mist don't go out with people because they r charming. U go out with them by their personality.
posted over a year ago.