"CRAP!" Sora said. "What is it?" Kairi said. "My 3 bros are comin." Sora said. "That not bad." Kairi said. "Yeah it is! "there nuts,there handsome,and rich." Sora said. Then someone knock the door. "WHAT SUP BRO!!!???" Sora's bros yell. "Kairi i ilke you to meet Kenny,Mordecai,and Rigby." sora sigh. " It's nice to meet you guys." Kairi said. "Well hello milady." Kenny said. then Kairi giggle. "Who's this cute baby?" Mordecai asked. "He's mine. His name is Tallen." Kairi said. "Cool name!" Mordecai said. "Thank you." Kairi said. "Well hello there." Rigby said. then kiss her hand then Kairi giggle. "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!" Sora yell. "SORA BE NICE TO YOUR BROTHERS!!!" Kairi said. "Fine. Did you guy got the pizza?" Sora ask. "We got it."You know What good with pizza? Funny You tube videos!" Mordecai said. "I got a good one!" Rigdy said. "It better be not the ostrich thing with the balls again." Mordecai said. "Yeah it better not be it" Sora said "yeah if it is your dead." Kenny said. "What's ostich thing with the balls?"
Kairi ask. "you'll see." Kenny and Mordeci said. Rigby went to his laptop. "DUDE WERE SEEING IT!!" Kenny yelled. "close your eyes!Ok now open your eyes." Rigby said. Then they saw the ostich kick the man. "So that's ostich thing with the balls!" Kairi said. "He does that every day." Sora said. "Riku watch it every day." Kairi said. "Who Riku?" Mordecai asked. "Riku is Sora's friend." Kenny said. "YOU MET HIM!!??" Rigby asked. "Yeah I met him at Kairi's 15th brithday." Kenny said. "You were there?" Kairi said "Yeah but I was helping him." so that's why i sould've met you." kenny said. "Who here Sora?" Riku asked. "Kenny,Mordecai,and Rigby." Sora said. "Kenny here?" Riku said. "Yeah." Kairi said. "KENNY!!!" Riku yelled. "RIKU!!" Kenny yelled. then they fist bump. "IT'S BEEN A WHILE!!!" Riku said. "I KNOW!!" Kenny said. "how your boss?" Riku asked. "Still the worst!" Kenny said. Then they laugh. "So you know each other but not me?" Kairi said "I know you Riku told me about you he see says your pretty and nice and you are." Kenny said. "Thanks I am. Tidus Kenny here!" Kairi said. "UNCLE KENNY YAY I MISS YOU!!!" Tidus yelled. "Uncle Kenny miss you too." Kenny said. Everyone said "AAAWWW!" "Guys!" Kenny said. everyone laughed. "Guess who here?" Kenny asked. "Who is she?" Kairi said. "Olette come here!" Kenny said. "Ok." Olette said. "OLETTE!!" Sora&Kairi said then hugged her. "Hey babe. Kenny said.Then kiss her on the lips. "Why you kiss her?" Kairi asked. "Cuz she my grilfriend." Kenny said. "What!? But how you met her!?" Kairi asked. "At your 15th brithday.I bump right into her and I said hey and she said hey me back." Kenny said. "Then we satre at each other and then he kiss me and we kiss." Olette said. Then they kiss each other. "So you guys wanna--." Rigby said. Then Kenny and Olette starting kissing. "Ok you guys wanna--." Riku and Mordecai said.Then Sora and Kairi starting kissing. "GUYS!!!" Mordecai yelled. "Uh what?" They said. "Guess what were going?" Mordecai asked. "JAPAN!!??" Kenny&Riku asked. "No.WERE GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!!!" Mordecai said. Then everyone cheered. "We leave tomorrw.All of us to the Plamwood!" Sora said.