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rsteven256 posted on Sep 14, 2009 at 06:50AM
what a little crybaby loser upset that a white girl recieved an award, that's it plain and simple ..i mean seriosly where did this guy come from? its so sad to see all theese young people today idolizing people for acheiving nothing? kanye west is just another asshole created by the all powerful media. Do people really think that he has talent because last time i checked if you made it passed third grade you have the ability to do what he does there is no talent in it period...there are no
musicians involved with what he does at all,
yet he runs around saying he is an artist? really what kind? oh yeah thats it a CON ARTIST
he loves to tell the world how great he is at making hits lol this loser couldnt even turn on a mixing board he probably couldnt tell the difference between a "dat" machine and an ipod.
but all you poor little sheep's following the heard jump on the bandwagon cause this is what mtv tells you you should be listening to, music is truly dead!!! and this is why we dont have any more "true" artists anymore like michael or bands like areosmith and led zepplin
guns n roses, lionel ritchie, the police be cause the music industry stopped caring about music a long long time ago. now they only care about how marketable your appearance is or how big your tits are ..take the teen band the jonas brothers, ok bear with me, they dont know how to even tune their own guitars that is FACT they dont play instruments! everytime i see them i laugh my ass off watching them strumm their guitars out of time with the song its a tragedy all they do is act like their playing music while musicians actually play the music back stage that is a fact!!! but yet they call themselves artists saying that they are bigger than the beatles ???????
not one of those morons could pick up an acoustic and strumm a clean defined E major
chord....... and kanye is absolutley no different... he is a bigget and a low life scum sucking pig with NO talent.. cmon people please see thru the bullshit its all fake my freinds all of it ....open your minds.......

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over a year ago emma-may said…
they are a hell of alot worse people out theyre than kanye! i mean whats that guy he locked some girl in his shed and had two kids with her, and serial killers like the yorkshire ripper, josef fritzle, kids as young as 6 shooting each other, the parents of baby p who tortured the two yo to death and your worried about some guy who jumped out of place at an award ceromony. yh that makes real f***in sense to me.

btw, he has got talent how else would his records make it into the top ten. peole need help when they have problems not more pressure.

we all handle are problems differently, some clam up, while other tends to lash out. when your angry about one thing it puts you in a mood to be angry about everything.

he is takeing time to reflect so drop it like i said they are a hell of alot things going on out theyre maybe YOU should open your eyes, if you think kanye west is bad jesus how did would have coped with likes hitler?