once opon a time there was a very beautiful princess named princess Adelaide she was put under a spell and put in a tower she was put under a sleeping spell she would wake up if she got true loves first kiss.One day a handsome young prince named prince Kasey came to the tower.The tower was protected by 2 people the witch put under an evil spell.Prince Kasey had to save Princess Adelaide at all costs.Prince Kasey said i am here to save Princess Adelaide.The grauds said you will have to defeat the dragon and the witch.Prince Kasey said sure and pulled out his sword.The grauds said let the battle begin.Prince Kasey looked for the dragon and when he saw the dragon he attacked the dragon 2 times and prince Kasey had not killed the dragon.Prince kasey said to himself what will kill this dragon.Prince Kasey's pet tiger attacked the dragon and killed the dragon.Prince Kasey said where is the witch.Prince Kasey saw the witch up in tower where Princess Adelaide was.Prince Kasey got very mad he pushed the grauds away from the doors of the tower and ran up to the tower where the witch was and Princess Adelaide was.Prince Kasey yelled to the witch to get away from princess Adelaide.The witch said no Prince Kasey.Prince Kasey got very mad and said GET AWAY FROM PRINCESS ADELAIDE NOW.The witch said no im not.Prince Kasey said fine and grabbed Princess Adelaide and jumped out the window onto his pet tiger.The witch powers left and she turned into dust.Prince Kasey rode to his palance to lay princess Adelaide down and kiss her.Prince Kasey got to his palance and told his parents what happened.His parents said we want you take care of the princess.Prince Kasey thanks mom and dad i will take care of the princess.His parents said your welcome.Prince Kasey run up to his room and layed down the princess and kissed her.Princess Adelaide woke up and said thank you for breaking that sleeping spell that mean mean witch put on me.Prince Kasey said your welcome Princess i knew you were in danger my mission was to save you Princess Adelaide.Princess Adelaide thank you Prince Kasey.Prince Kasey said your welcome would you like something to drink princess Adelaide.Princess Adelaide said sure prince Kasey.Prince Kasey said i will get you some water to drink Princess.Prince Kasey got the water for the Princess Adelaide,here is your water Princess Adelaide.Princess Adelaide said thank you prince Kasey. Prince Kasey said your welcome princess Adelaide and pulled out a ring and said Princess Adelaide will you marry me.Princess Adelaide said yes i will Prince Kasey.Prince Kasey and Princess Adelaide got married and lived happily ever after