It has been an hour since the caribou incident and all Kate and Humphrey wanted to do was spend the rest of the day together. "oh Kate you don't how happy I am now that we're together" said Humphrey. "I feel the same way Humphrey" replied Kate, nuzzling his neck. They continued waking when Humphrey noticed Kate didn' t have her flower." hey Kate what happened to your flower?" Kate just now noticed that it wasn't there. "Aw man it must have fallen off during the stampede, Humphrey would you go look for it please, for me." " of course my dear anything for you" said Humphrey. While looking for the flower, Humphrey got a thought in his mind,"maybe i could use the flower to propose to Kate." Humphrey Smiled at that idea. After about thirty minutes Humphrey started thinking that he would never find it." aw man I'm never going to find it, i failed I'm sorry Kate." But just as he was going to head back something caught his eye and he noticed it was the purple flower that he gave before he left." yes i finally found it." he took it in his mouth and headed back to the alpha den. At the den Kate was sitting outside waiting for Humphrey to return and since the sun was starting to go down she was getting worried."where the heck is my love." she thought. Just then Humphrey came out of the bushes with the flower. Kate was overjoyed to see him and ran to him. "Oh Humphrey i was starting to get worried, did you find my flower?" said Kate. "I did Kate and there's something i want to ask you." said Humphrey. " What is it Humphrey." " Kate will you marry me" Humphrey said presenting the flower. "Oh Humphrey yes yes i would love for you to be my mate."Kate said and jumped into Humphrey s arms. "whats all the yelling about." said Winston walking out of the den. " Humphrey has asked me to Marry him and i said yes." Kate said. "Well then congratulations, when do you two want to have the ceremony?" asked Winston. "How bout before the Moonlight Howl?"suggested Humphrey. "I like that idea very much Humphrey." replied Kate, resting her head under Humphrey s chin. a few hours later it was time to start the marriage ceremony. Kate and Humphrey approached each other with smiles on their faces. "I can't believe were getting married Kate." said Humphrey. " I know I'm So excited." replied Kate. Soon the ceremony began and it started with Kate and Humphrey accepting each others Scent, Then nibbled each others ears. Now there was just one more thing that needed to be done, they needed to nuzzle noses. Kate and Humphrey slowey leaned in to rub noses together, Both of there hearts were beating rapidly as they got closer and closer. Finally they made contact and they did the necessary nose rub. Everybody howled with joy and cheer. "Congratulations Kate and Humphrey You are now mated for life." said Winston. "I say we celebrate with a Moonlight Howl." Suggested Eve with a smile."I agree." Said Kate. After 30 Minutes of Howling everyone was heading back to there dens. Kate and Humphrey were making there way back to the Alpha den when Humphrey came up with an idea. " Hey Kate do you want to move in with me?" stated Humphrey. Kate was shocked at what Humphrey said but was overjoyed. " I Would love two but i have to make sure its okay with my parents." said Kate. " Well I will be in my den awaiting your arrival." Said Humphrey licking Kate's cheek. Kate entered the den and asked her parents about moving in with Humphrey. "Why of course you can dear, you are at the age where you can take care of your self." Winston Said. " Thanks Mom and Dad" Said Kate. With that said Kate headed to her Mates den to move in with him. Kate arrived and saw Humphrey
sleeping and thought"how cute." She walked up to him and nuzzled his head which woke him up. He smiled at the sight of Kate. " I take it they said yes." said Humphrey. " That's right" replied Kate with a Grin. They later lied next to each other to sleep for the night. "I'm so glad were married Humphrey I love you." Said Kate. "Me too Kate I love you too." Goodnight Humphrey." "Goodnight Kate" And with that said Humphrey and Kate began there new life together.

The End