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What you saw on television, the show itself, was the ten percent of the 'iceberg' above the water. But the majority of our time in the writer's room was spent constructing the part below it. The details. The timeliness. The intricate backstories... -Darlton

That is an excerpt from the forward provided by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse for the official LOST Encyclopedia. I happen to own that glorious book and I thought I'd take a minute and share with you the parts that included Skate.

Sawyer's section on Kate's page
Both killers, criminals, and con artists, Kate and Sawyer were kindred spirits, which is why
Kate and Sawyer were kindred spirits.
Kate felt more comfortable in her own skin around Sawyer. She wasn't ashamed of her past with James, because she saw herself in his eyes. While she was often offended by his piggish demands, like a kiss in exchange for Shannon's medicine; or selfish actions, like hoarding supplies from the plane, she could still see his true heart despite his often pathetic actions.

They also shared a smoldering chemistry that went to the next level during their captivity on Hydra island. Sawyer tried to protect her from the hopelessness of their situation, which touched her. While in captivity, they made love and
They also shared a smoldering chemistry
Sawyer told her he loved her afterwards. Again, Kate was unable to accept or return his love, as she was torn between her feelings for James and Jack. Back on the main island, their relationship to one another became awkward. Kate used Sawyer to get at Jack; and Sawyer struck back in equally unkind ways. Their feelings remained, however; and Sawyer even jumped off the Kahana helicopter so that Kate would have a better chance of escaping the island.

When Kate returned to the island in the DHARMA era, their connection remained, although James loved Juliet. After Juliet died, Kate supported James in his grief. They still cared for one another, but their relationship had evolved into abiding friendship.

Kate's section on Sawyer's page
From the beginning, Kate had Sawyer's number. She recognized his wounded soul concealed a prickly exterior, because she had resorted to the same
She recognized his wounded soul concealed a prickly exterior
tactics when she was on the run. Even when he did everything to alienate her, Kate still considered him worth understanding. It was persistence that allowed him to open up with anyone. Of course they also had palpable chemistry, which only pulled them closer even when Kate was torn by her feelings for Jack. When Kate nursed Sawyer back to health from his bullet wound, the pair got even closer. Sawyer became more protective of her, a subtle shift toward selflessness that was monumental for his growth.

They became lovers while incarcerated on Hydra island and , more importantly, Sawyer allowed himself to admit that he loved her. But the pair danced around one another in a triangle that
Ultimately, he made the greatest sacrifice he ever had for another person when he jumped of the Kahana's helicopter
featured Jack, a rival that Sawyer knew in his heart he couldn't best. Ultimately, he made the greatest sacrifice he ever had for another person when he jumped of the Kahana's helicopter to ensure Kate and the others would survive. His love for Kate opened the door for him to grow up in a way he had avoided his entire life. It was so transformative that even three years later when Kate returned to the island, James felt their bond completely intact, which was unsettling because he loved Juliet Burke so deeply. However, Sawyer realized that he and Kate would always be something deeper -Friends, catalysts, kindred spirits- as they started anew off the island.

Juliet's section on Kate's page
When Kate and Jack returned to the island in the DHARMA era, Kate again had to deal with Juliet being with a man Kate had loved.

Sawyer's section on Juliet's page
When the Oceanic Six returned, Juliet could still see the palpable connection between James and Kate. Damaged by her parents' divorce and her own failed relationships, Juliet was convinced she would lose Sayer to Kate so she supported Jack's plan to detonate the Jughead bomb.
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