Kate and Sawyer Best word to describe SKate contest - [Round 5 - SK in 5x08/5x09 - VOTE!]

xoheartinohioxo posted on Jun 08, 2010 at 02:54PM
Rules: ; Each round I will post a scene/item/something related to SKate & you give 1-7 words to describe it.
; After 7 days, or after at least 5 people have participated, I will make the pick & you will have 3-4 days to vote.
; Winners will receive props & be added to the winners list!

Round 5: Sawyer & Kate @ the end of 5x08/Beginning of 5x09

Round 1 [Season 6] - Denial of something Undeniable. link
Round 2 [Helicopter scene] - Last Kiss, One More Sacrifice link
Round 3 [Suliet] - Forced relationship with no real chemistry. link
Round 3 [Jate] - Wrong choice of endgame. link
Where Kate couldn't be herself. link
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