Kate and Sawyer We will be alive forever.

BeautifulLover posted on Mar 23, 2011 at 08:03PM
One of the things I can’t stand to listen from the haters jaters, is the argument that kate and sawyer was just a moment thing, a moment of lust between the two. OK NOW SHUT UP BITCHIES! Every skate kisses had a different feeling and meaningful to the characters. Let me start with the first kiss, which to me is the sexiest of all, I’m not even going to comment about the tongue. OMG that kiss. ._. is the beginning of a feeling, Sawyer knows that he can’t get too close to this girl, so he has to do something, he blackmails and tricks her (which he is accustomed to do) but he felt something in that kiss and Kate too, as much as she tries to deny it, she feels attracted to this man who is just like her. So, the second kiss, and before that, they spent much time together, which gave time for Kate to know him better, she took care of him when he was sick, and it was obvious the feeling of the two, especially on the part of Sawyer when he whispers that he loves her to Jack. The second kiss for me, was something that Sawyer wanted to do, you know they are there, working all day without knowing why, and only for a moment he wanted to do his will, which was to kiss the woman he loved, so he did. The third kiss, and this kiss, Kate begins (the first time that Kate kisses him) and I see as a redemption. Yes, a redemption of her for that feeling, even as the script says “she feels everything for him” she didn’t want to deny it, so she faced and then she just kissed him, and then follows the 4 kiss, this kiss is represented to me TRUE LOVE (gotta remember the promo for “I do” when appears “love” and then the scene of them in the cage) They finally put aside all barriers that are both built and make love for the first time, and the scene was pretty intense and I could barely breathe watching, their music in the background, WAS PERFECT. The 5 kiss, contrary to what many people think about that scene, I think it was a time when it was Kate’s turn to do what she wanted and she wanted Sawyer. The 6 kiss, that little moment, “that’s so romantic” they act like a normal couple, finally together, sleeping together, they show total privacy. The 7 kiss, Sawyer wanted to comfort Kate, she was sad and he wanted to show he’d always be there for her, he always keep her safe no matter what. The kiss of the next morning, that yes, I consider: REALLY HOT, they love each other, and desired each other, with just a kiss on sawyer’s neck, he already wanting her, so sexy, that scene was Oooooooh @. @
And finally, the last, and the spectacle. That kiss, I can’t handle with this kiss. Sawyer sacrifices his own life for the life of your loved one, it’s a goobye kiss so full of love. All of these kisses are part of an incredible journey of these two characters, Jate/Suliet cannot even compare to them. The OTP has always been Sawyer and Kate and they left the island together as Sawyer had promised her.
at the end, SKATE LIVES!
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One of the things I can’t stand to listen from the haters jaters, is the argument that kate and saw

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