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Sawyer & Kate | I see fire

Sawyer & Kate | Never Let Me Go

you run, i con | kate&sawyer

sawyer&kate | the last time you'll ever hear from me.

in this shirt | kate & sawyer

cherry blossoms in spring || sawyer&kate

Kiss Me! K-K-K- i- S-S Me! Infect me with your love - Kate&Sawyer

► Sawyer and Kate - Fix you

Sawyer // Kate - Give Me Love

in this shirt kate sawyer

Kate and Sawyer - Everything

Kate & Sawyer ( LOST ) - Radioactive (Imagine Dragons Cover) triângulo

Before you go [S&K]

Kate & Sawyer | one love

He's more myself than I am [collab]

Sawyer & Kate - The scientist - [S1-S6]

Oh oh oh [Kate & Sawyer]

Bonnie & Clyde [Kate & Sawyer]

Video Games | Sawyer&Kate

Never let go [Sawyer and Kate]


Ships in the Night

Love you like a love song

Not a Day Goes By

AU - Serenata

Sawyer & Kate || Run



The Story

Top 10 ships - Sawyer and Kate



always have always will

vivo per lei

We Belong Together


naked hearts, wearing thin

Bleeding Love

The Only One

Love the Way You Lie


Kate/Sawyer - Supermassive Black Hole

loving her was red || sawyer&kate {gift #1: stephie}

memories-sawyer and kate

#1 sawyer & kate || i don't love you, but i always will

mend your heart | sawyer & kate

• i know that you don't love me now; but i'm gonna love you anyhow •

never let me go | kate & sawyer

Sawyer & Kate What Do You Want

"Beyond the scars" J&K

we might as well be strangers

"I ain't perfect"

shattered (kate/sawyer)

You're Home // Sawyer x Kate

sk | a little joy (+zielonalinijka)

sawyer & kate | a little sorrow (+bluelipstickk)

A drop in the ocean - Sawyer(&Kate)

Sawyer Tribute w/ His True Love Kate

Sawyer & Kate Stay With Me

Sawyer & Kate ~ Here by me

Sawyer/Kate - Rest In Peace - LOST OMWF

LOST - I love the way you lie [Sawyer & Kate] [UVC]

Can I get your lips to speak my name?


Kate & Sawyer ~ You're missing it

Tangled - Sawyer & Kate Style

The script Nothing ( T R I S T A N )

Take a bow- Sawyer and Kate

Sawyer & Kate Need You Now

Love the way you lie-Sawyer and Kate

Sawyer and Kate (Lost) - Fall for your type

Lost: Sawyer & Kate (If Give Up song)

kate and Sawyer (almeno tu nell' universo)

Sawyer and kate (Hero-Enrique Inglesias)

Kate&Sawyer - Volcano

Sawyer & Kate Stay With Me

We had a damn chance // Sawyer & Kate

Sawyer/Kate You Liar

sawyer & kate 2011.wmv

Sawyer & Kate - How does it feel

The Island Lost Style - Skate

Light this Room on Fire- S&K

Sawyer and Kate || Come Undone

Sawyer/Kate - Such a nice time

Sawyer & Kate - One

Funny Moments

Hot Scene from Lost

Sawyer / Kate - You make me smile

Kate and Sawyer - Some Comfort Here

Sawyer / Kate | I'll keep you safe

Sawyer and Kate - Romancing the Cage

Sawyer + Kate - I Need To Know

sawyer & kate | bang bang

stripped skate

Beauty and the Beast Skate style

Sawyer x Kate // Toxic// Part 4 MEP

Kate and Sawyer-Delicate

Fireworks - Sawyer and Kate

The Next Three Days Skate Style

I Do Romancing the Cage Sawyer Kate Love Theme