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dh84641 said:
Just saw beautiful, talented Kate at the Corner Hotel tonight BUT lost a bit of respect for her when she publicly chastised a fan who called out the name of a song she sang on Spicks and Specks.This fan called it out in the middle of Kate's Spicks and Specks story (granted it did interrupt her) but it was relevant.I felt sorry for the person who she then had a go at publicly which I thought showed bad form and a streak of nastiness that I never thought she had in her.I was disappointed as I don't care how big or famous people/artists think they are, you don't go publicly embarrassing people, esp those who have paid good money to see you, in other words, your fans who keep you in the business. Surely Kate has more intelligence, experience and professionalism than to respond the way she did. She could have used humour in pulling up that person on her bad timing.It made me wonder if her sentiments, esp in Caught In The Crowd, were actually real as it seems she has learnt nothing from that past experience.Many of my friends who regarded her highly are now a bit disappointed in her. We all thought she was a heart felt, kind person with oodles of talent. Now we just think she's mean, albeit still talented.God forbid that we have Australian artists getting too big for their boots! They still have a responsibiltiy to be kind to others, even when they overstep the mark.
posted over a year ago.