Katharine Isabelle is a very busy and talented actress dedicated to her art. Her upcoming features include a starring role in “Favourite People List”, produced by her brother Joshua Murray, a role in “Frankie and Alice” starring Halle Berry, and a starring role in the movie Rampage directed by Uwe Boll. She has also recently been cast as a guest star in television series such as Heartland, The L Word, Sanctuary, and Supernatural. She plays the role of a dying Mail Order Bride in the movie of the same name. Her fan base is as diverse as the roles she plays, from the aggressive teenage Ginger in Ginger Snaps, to the neurotic Ava in Supernatural, to the very reflective and sensitive Paige in Turning Paige. Her performances tend to elevate her to almost cult figure status wherever she makes her mark in the theatre and television, as evidenced by the many Ginger Snaps websites dedicated to this movie, as well as the many :Sam and Ava” blogs (Supernatural) found in cyberspace. She is a highly remarkable actress who, through her own personal integrity, is able to stand her ground when she feels there is something inappropriate in the production or direction of a film, while still providing outstanding and phenomenal performances. In discussing her style with Empire in 2001, Katharine stated, “I stand on my mark, and say my lines and I try not to look like an idiot. And if that’s no good then bite me”!
Katharine (or Katie, Kat) Isabelle, has recently received the Canadian Gemini Award for Best Supporting Actress in the television min-series entitled “The Englishman’s Boy”. The ever so humble Katharine was unable to attend the ceremony due to her very busy schedule, and according to her ““I was totally sure I wasn’t going to win — it’s not like I’d been nominated nine times and I thought I was due.” (Katie’s Horse Sense). Katharine plays a very manipulative silent screen actress named Norma Carlyle, who “through her charms” as her character quotes, manages to coerce a young and promising Hollywood director named Harry Vincent (played by Michael Therriault) into providing her with a starring role on the silver screen. Katharine, in an interview with “Reel Man” Glen Schaefer, exclaimed “Who ever gets to do silent film work these days? It was great, the costumes I got to wear, the hair and everything.” Katharine, who is a fan of film classics such as “Casablanca, anything to do with Jimmy Stewart, Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn” (Darkside),) raves about her experience, “I got to do this glamorous, flapper, tart, diva -- but I also got to do silent film work…I was totally into it, I was trying to make my lips as tiny and pert as possible." Katharine ultimately demonstrated her greatest asset as a fine actress – her ability to adapt to her various roles. Her hair style in The Englishman’ Boy is completely different from her styles in previous roles, making the young actress almost unrecognizable in not only her looks but her mannerisms. Katharine, in all modesty, discussed her ability to adapt with Film Festival’s Jason Lewis, “"I’m not a very good ‘actor’ actor. I don’t do research. I just sort of throw myself into it and wing it. I have always been kind of adaptable that way. If you put me in an environment I’ll adapt to whatever I need to be.” Without a doubt, these remarkable traits of skill and adaptability contributed to Katharine’s win at the Gemini Awards.