i im EastendersRox and this is relly just teling u how twisted Katherine Petrova is....Enjoy

how can i discribe katherine... well lets start with some words to discribe ms Petrova

but at the end of the day shes sad and broken

sall i go on...

well so we all know how kind and meryful katherine is so how about i tell you have even more kind and meryful she is to her friends
(im katherine)
1. the tomb
oh dear somethings after me! yes thats it i will fake my death by everyone thinking i was trapped in the tomb but my friends will have to acturly die in the tomb oh well better you die than i hehehe

yess the kat is a legend
heres some of her best sayings

1.better you die than i
2. kiss me you should get a taste
3. im the safest pyocit bitch in town

there are many others but there my top 3 not i order of corse
u all know about the kats return yes she comes back sayin OH STEFAN I LLLLOOOVVEEE u love me back or i will kill everyone u love hehehe

and we all know were that got her stefan and damon locked her in the tomb in the end she wanted 2 stay in da tomb because shes the safist pchotic bitch in town coz klaz was comein oh thanks KAT

the petrova dopleganger
oh its elena 5 star gess we all know elena and the kat r played by the same actress so we all know that thay look nothing alike

damon and stefan abd the KAT
artical comein soom

well thats all 4 2day
see ya