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Katherine Pierce | Centuries

Katerina Petrova | you won't forget my name✘

►Damon & Katherine | Take Me To Church

Dirt on my grave {katherine Pierce} 10.000 Subbers

✖ Stefan, Katherine & Damon | Fifty Shades

Draco & Katherine; It's Cold { 2000 + }

Katherine Pierce | Serial Killer | The Vampire Diaries

katherine pierce II carousel

►Katherine Pierce [Blank Space]

bucky & katerina | relax my beloved

★ Katherine & Elena - Futuristic Lovers (AU)

Katherine Petrova/Pierce - i'm a survivor

Katherine Pierce - Monster

Katherine Pierce: Flawless

Katherine Pierce ll Castle Walls

Katherine Pierce | DOLLHOUSE

Katherine vs. Elena | Blank Space

Run This Town {Kat VS Kai}

Katherine Pierce; Cry Little Sister

Katherine Pierce // Kiss the devil

►Katherine Pierce | Elastic Heart

TVD | Katherine Pierce (Asya8430)


►Katherine Pierce | Breaking Point

►Katherine Pierce | Blank Space *for Sean*

°Katherine Pierce° ~ {Jungle}

►Elena v.s. Katherine [Not On Drugs] +Gytaket

Katherine Pierce | Shake It Off

Katherine Pierce | Boom Clap [HBD Juliet]

Katherine Pierce - Tomorrow never dies

Katherine Pierce Crazy In Love

Katherine Pierce || Problem [RTWC]

katherine vs. elena | cosmos [HBD SEBA]

►Katherine & Elena | Thank You ᴴᴰ

►Katherine Pierce || Miss Sugar Pink ❤

Katherine & Elena | Game On

►Stefan & Katherine | Hope There's Someone ᴴᴰ

Katherine Pierce | Bad Girl {for Marya}

katherine pierce | she looks like sex.

† katherine pierce | do you wanna fight her?

| it was always you, damon.

stefan + katherine | winter in my heart

Damon & Katherine; chasing ghosts.

{Teen Idle} Katherine Pierce

katherine vs. elena | sun of a gun;;

Katherine Pierce || I Forgive you [5x11]

Katherine Pierce ~ You Wanted (Perfect)

Mirrors -- Katherine Pierce

distance between katherine pierce.

katherine pierce ● dance in the dark. *for alex*