“What is this?” Jeremy pointed at the spell book.
“That, my dear Jeremy” Bonnie said in a sugar-sweet voice as she walked downstairs. “would be my spell book. You know, the book with spells?”
“Since when are you into this whole voodoo crap?” he asked, referring to the doll.
“Well, because it’s fun, Jeremy” Bonnie pulled her shoulders. “It’s fun to see him flounder like a fish on land. It’s fun to be able to hurt him and see and hear him screaming, even though I’m not around”
Jeremy frowned. “He? Who he?”
Bonnie held her head diagonally. “Oh my sweet Jeremy, you still haven’t figured it, now have you?”
Jeremy stared at her and realization hit his brain. “Why?”
Bonnie rolled her eyes. “Oh, please, don’t tell me you actually care. Don’t tell me you’ve developed a big brother adoration for him. He did kill you, remember?”
Now Jeremy rolled his eyes. “Guess what, I got over it. Maybe it’s time you do the same” He wanted to go upstairs, but Bonnie stopped. “Where do you think you’re going?” she asked threatening.
“I’m going to warn him” Jeremy said trembling.
“Yeah, well, I’m sorry, but I can’t let you do that” Bonnie said. “Sure you understand” She wanted to throw Jeremy into the circle so he would get burned, when she suddenly screamed and let him go. She touched her neck, but didn’t detect any blood.
“Jeremy, run!” Anna screamed.
Jeremy ran upstairs, outside the house, as if his life depend on it. Which was the case.