Katherine climbed out of the church and came face to face with someone she had rather not seen ever again.
“Hello, Katerina” Klaus said. “Have you missed me?”
Katherine stared at him, her eyes wet from fear. She didn’t notice the blond woman next to Klaus.
“Please let me introduce you to my sister, Rebekah” he continued.
“Why are you here? Why have you come back?” Katherine asked shaking.
“Oh, haven’t you heard? Elena’s blood is the key to making hybrids” Klaus explained. He pulled Katherine against him. “And now that you’ve become such good friends with her you would be the perfect mediator”
Katherine shook her head. “Sorry, Klaus, but I won’t be of much use” she said trying to sound casual. “The witch broke my necklace. I can’t walk in the sun”
Klaus averted to Rebekah. “Rebekah?”
“Of course” Rebekah said. She stuck her hand in her pocket and pulled something out. “I believe this to be yours?” she said, swinging the bracelet before Katherine’s eyes.