Katniss Everdeen Mellark: The girl on fire. She is the determined, protective,cunning, feirce, and stunning role model. For everyone growing up, she is what you wish to be. She has it all. Her family, exept Prim, her house, her bow, buttercup, love, amazing bread, fame, fortune, and the most valuable, her life. She should be dead. If it wasnt for her quick thinkning with the nightlock, either her or the love of her life would be dead. So why is he everything we want to be? Because of a corupt place called the Capitol. It is the crulest place on Earth. On the reaping day, two children will be sent to the capitol to fight to the death, as you already know, but what is surprising? The Capitol thinks its a blessing for these people, that the tributes are honoured. Well, lets just say Katniss and Peeta are smarter, were smarter, and will always be smarter than the Capitol. If everyone could learn to rebel against things like child labour, just like the bring down the capitol campain, then these things will go away. You can be the next Katniss Everdeen Mellark, The Girl On Fire! (if you are a boy, please dont be offended!) :)