Note: Hi this is my first ff that isn't about the Penguins of Madagascar so I hope it's good. It's just something that I sort of thought up.


(Katniss's POV)

I walked through the woods on the boundaries of District 12, bow and arrow in hand. Spring was exploding sprouting through the dew-covered grass. Sunlight danced off the bright green leaves on tall trees and short stumpy bushes. I crept through the trees, carefully positioning my steps, trying not to crunch dead leaves or break twigs that might scare away my prey.

Sometimes I take a moment to soak in my surroundings when I haven't found any game. Birds flutter through the trees, singing their song. I can see the sun rising above the trees, into the vast open blue sky. I look down, and a small pink flower has fully opened its petals, soaking in the warm sunlight. I pick it. It would make a nice gift for Prim.

I breath in the flower's sweet fragrance. Droplets of morning dew rest upon its leaves and petals. I tuck it safely into my belt, and continue walking.

Today the woods smell of morning dew and fresh greens growing. Upon finding some herbs, I pick some and place them in my bag.

I hear chirping crickets in the distance. The faint whistle draws me closer. I'm in the middle of a small clearing where the sound is strongest. I sway in the breeze, breathing in the dew, listening to the chirps of the crickets and the birds. Then I hear a small flutter in the grass to my right.

There, off in the distance, a lone squirrel sits, chewing on an acorn. A crouch behind a bush, aim my arrow, feeling the soft wind blow through my hair. I bring the end of the arrow to my chin, take a slow deep breath, and fire. The arrow flies through the air and penetrates the squirrel's eye, causing it to fall over. I stand back up, retrieve my arrow and prey, and set off again through the woods.