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Katy Perry Question

what is katy perrys phone number???

 katiebell123 posted over a year ago
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Katy Perry Answers

lanydoodle said:
555-768-4599 hope its right XD
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posted over a year ago 
Da fuk how did u get tht babe?! OMP
spuffy47 posted over a year ago
i made it up duuuuuh!!
lanydoodle posted over a year ago
propsfofun posted over a year ago
halle1283 posted over a year ago
stargazer89 said:
i don't have it but i want to know so bad
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posted 5 months ago 
kratnesh10 said:
I don't know what it is but if any of you do or her managers or another celebs number please call this 1-610-810-7660
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posted 7 months ago 
kk1027 said:
I wont her number
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posted 6 months ago 
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